Let’s Kick off The Holiday Season

With An Edited Scene From A Beloved Christmas Classic.

14 Comments on Let’s Kick off The Holiday Season

  1. Where’s Omar and Tleib? They don’t seem to mind the cold. Maybe they could re-enact the final scene from Titanic.

  2. Sad people – especially weird little greta. The others had time an opportunity to get psychological help (fuck ’em, cause they obviously didn’t). But greta wears her abuse on her Face. Imagine her parenting?

  3. Has anyone seen Greta with her parents ever since she was sent on this save the world campaign? Hell, she is only 16. Maybe she doesn’t need parents.

  4. Russians!
    They spit in the test tubes and wipe em out with snotty handkerchiefs to clean em.
    Even that doesn’t explain her terminal constipation.

    izlamo delenda est …


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