Let’s Not Forget The Crooked Media’s Role In the Steele Dossier Scandal

With a number of questions about the usage of the “Steele Dossier” there is still the mystery of which supposedly objective journalists took money from Fusion GPS to advance the PR firm’s agenda. Without their bank records we will never know for sure who took their money.

A feature by Lee Smith attempts to put the pieces together by tracing who was getting the scoops and who already had a history with Fusion GPS among the chattering class. It all seems to connect back to the news desk of the Wall Street Journal.


4 Comments on Let’s Not Forget The Crooked Media’s Role In the Steele Dossier Scandal

  1. I posted this on The Federalist:
    So what else is new? The Clinton family®, the DNC, and the entire Progressive Movement have been doing this for decades. They’re lazy ‘journalists’ pimping out stories for even lazier readers. How many of those feminazi pussyhat protests have there been in the last 11 months in Washington D.C.? Remember when the hairy-armpit brigade said they’d be protesting every week? Remember when the MSM ran stories about these people non-stop? Also, antifa was supposed to finally leave its elitist university bubble and get serious about taking down The Man. Maybe they thought about it and reached the conclusion that it was too much like a real job.

    I think the MSM is secretly hoping that Trump never goes away. They’re making tons of money pushing this garbage on their gaggle of useful idiots

  2. I agree with George Webb’s (Youtube) analysis: all in all the cabal, in and out of government is not that large; it can be cleaned up.

    (There are a lot of lazy hangers-on, however, I think.) …Lady in Red

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