Let’s not lose our sense of humor

American Thinker:

During a recent drive through California’s central coast, my husband and I stopped in a small town to refuel and buy some drinks.  In the mini-mart, I discovered the spork, an amusingly shaped hybrid between a spoon and a fork.

I showed it to Jeff and said, “Look! Transgendered cutlery!”  We laughed and ate our lunches with our sporks.

I shared my little joke on Facebook, along with a photo of a plastic fork; a plastic spoon; and, to the right of them both, the spork. I thought it was funny and I knew many of my Facebook friends would get a laugh.  Many people immediately “liked” it, and a few added their own pointed observations, such as “If you like your old cutlery, you can keep your old cutlery.”

I also knew I’d get pushback by the mirthless and myopic members of the P.C. brigade.  In less time than you can say “I’m feeling triggered,” they pounced.

“There’s nothing new about sporks, just as there’s nothing new about transgendered people, if you hadn’t noticed,” huffed one woman, perhaps from the safety of her Handmaiden’s cloak.

A man whom I have not seen or spoken to in more than fifteen years called me a bigot who surely hates transgendered people.  My “intent wasn’t only to malign transgender people, it was to malign the fact that they have a voice in society,” he accused.  While he was at it, he listed many other categories of minorities I had hurt or trivialized on Facebook over the years.  Like a KGB agent, he had been watching me.  And he kept a list.

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  1. Man, I mean woman, whoops, I mean OTHER NON BINARY….we are sooo…sporked….

  2. The left’s idea to to make nothing humorous – except the rest of us.

    Their ideas are insane, deranged and worthy of mockery. Laugh away – that’s what they fear.

  3. There are no “transgendered” people. There are sexual deviants who through make up, wardrobe changes, acting, and hormones and mutilation surgery disfigure their bodies.

    Chromosomes do not lie. You are XX or XY.

    (Yes, a tiny fraction of the population have genetic abnormalities like trisomy).

    Our recent obsession with TG is just virtue signaling nonsense and PC crap.

  4. “Without followers, evil cannot spread.”

    Mr. Spork, Star Trek: The Original Series, “And The Children Shall Lead”

  5. I found this article interesting: https://www.studyfinds.org/many-democrats-exaggerated-mental-distress-after-2016-election/
    FTA: Interestingly, the authors point to a 2016 Gallup poll that shows Republicans seem less interested in partisan cheerleading. That poll found Democrats reported higher levels of stress after the 2016 election, but Republicans didn’t. Yet after the 2008 election of Barack Obama, Republicans similarly showed no increase in stress, despite the election of the young Democrat.

  6. Just opened a Asian fusion style Susi place, offering lawn darts. Great response, low homicide rate (so far) hope I makes it although the insurance rates are through the roof,,
    Kids today are such,,, (you know),,,

  7. First they made fun of the spork, but I said nothing because I used traditional cutlery. Then they made fun of the plastic spoon, but I said nothing because you can’t eat hot soup with a plastic spoon. Then they made fun of the plastic butter knife, but I said nothing because, let’s face it, there’s nothing you can cut with a plastic butter knife.

    I was going to go somewhere with this by comparing these things with some supposedly minority or special interest group, but frankly the whole thing is stupid. Besides, a spork is a hermaphrodite and not a transgender – everyone knows this.

  8. It’s never been a question of getting a “voice in society” as the carping douchebag suggests it’s the fact that they want normal people to embrace their sickness. Shoveling your deviant urges down peoples throats isn’t a very effective way of garnering support.
    The moral superiority of that lecturing idiot is punchable.

  9. The guy’s article was very a mild response. My response would have been to triple down. These SJWs NEED to be insulted to the max to insure their spiritual growth. In the near future a great business is going to be a chain of de-sensitivity centers all over the country. Recovering SJWs would come and be insulted in all kinds of crude ways by rednecks until insults no longer affect them. I’d say ten sessions at $100 per session ought to do it for most.

  10. …lack of a sense of humor is a sign of mental illness.

    …but don’t take MY word for it…

    “Humor deficits

    When the mind doesn’t develop normally, people’s sense of humor can become derailed. For instance, one study published in Psychiatry Research (Vol. 141, No. 2, pages 229-232) showed that people with schizophrenia don’t perform as well as healthy participants on joke comprehension tests. Study author Joseph Polimeni, MD, and his research partner Jeffrey Reiss, MD, showed participants a variety of one-panel cartoons with captions beneath them. Some of the captions matched the cartoons, some didn’t, and participants tried to identify those that matched.

    “In general, people with a good sense of humor do pretty well [on the test],” Polimeni says. “Participants with schizophrenia did worse.”

    Also, he noted there is “a pretty high magnitude of difference” between the humor-recognizing abilities of people with schizophrenia and with bipolar disorder. As the two disorders are often mistaken for each other, it could provide a tool for more accurate diagnoses, Polimeni says, if further studies bear out the findings.

    Polimeni, a psychiatrist at the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg, thinks the deficiency is related to schizophrenic people’s frequent inability to connect the dots between associated ideas.

    “A lot of humor has to do with associations,” Polimeni says. “When you hear a punch line, everything in the joke has to come together. But if one of the associations isn’t connecting, it’s a lot harder to understand the joke.”

    A study published online in April of the European Archives of Psychiatry and Clinical Neuroscience offers an explanation: People with schizophrenia don’t put in the extra cognitive effort required to understand jokes. Instead, they treat them purely as incongruent events, never making the leap to humor.

    “It takes some effort to go beyond the surface of the joke to the hidden meaning, so schizophrenics who don’t expend the extra effort would show less of a sense of humor,” Barney Beins says.”


  11. Sporks: a liberal contrivance that, like most liberal contrivances, is neither fork nor spoon, regardless of it’s label citing superiority.
    If you think a spork is as good as a spoon, try eating hot soup with it.
    Or spaghetti.

  12. TBH, she sounds like a bit of an elitist, sporks have been around like forever, the fact that she just “discovered” one implies that she rarely interacts with the hoi polloi in fast food places.

    But of course she is right about the bed wetting woke SJW’s of social media.

    Living in the Bay Area, I once shared what I thought was a whimsical reply to our local neighborhood blog about a “spare the air” day with a comment that I was having a back yard party that day, I use freshly cut 100 year redwood logs, cut with my pollution spewing chain saw, for my grilling of freshly killed spotted owls (not to worry though, I killed them humanely by biting their heads myself). For entertainment later we were having a wet T shirt contest by the pool with the local teenage girls and maybe some dog fighting, depending on how drunk we were. Yeah, tweaking the libs is just that easy.

  13. In 3, 2, 1,
    The Texas Spork Massacre.
    Starring Rob Lowe, Tara Reid, Scott Baio and Richard Grieco on the Lifetime Network,,

  14. @Supernightshade – I love the 3 Stooges.
    I grew up in Cincinnati.
    I have 2 dogs.


    (a little free-form joke)

  15. The one guy who was keeping track of her social media activity…that’s some creepy ass orwellian shit right there. Anonymous Conservative has blogged many times about a large underground TIPS program where a large percentage of population has been recruited as “citizen spies”. This kinda makes you think that might not be so far out there.

  16. Does anyone else think this guy has led a sheltered life to have never seen a spork?

    His transgendered cutlery joke was funny though.

  17. The jerk with the lists the woman speaks of brings back memories.
    We had a nutty lefty in the office once. He was worthless
    and always screwing his fellows. He wrote everything
    that we did down to use as an excuse when he got caught.
    When he disappeared for hours and got called by the boss
    on it he would pull out what we started to laughingly
    call his “Black Book Of Shame” and list everyone who
    had been two minutes late for the past six months.
    The nasty little system milking prick finally got
    caught in a cutback with nobody to speak up for him.
    Lots of grins that day.

  18. This is a cleverly disguised advertisement for Toy Story 4, which features a talking spork as a new character.

  19. I personally refuse to bend to the ways of degenerate assholes.

    Their main design is to drag me DOWN to their obscene, unnatural disfiguring macabre worshiping pseudo underworld of perilous doom.

  20. ok, now I’m truly confused (big surprise)

    are sporks transgendered males & foons transgendered females?
    or the opposite? is there a ‘spoof’? or a ‘fook’? … can I get fries w/ that?

    or, are transgendered males actually gendered males? & transgendered females are actually gendered females? or, are gendered males actually males that are females? & gendered females actually females that are males? or are gendered males actually male that are female? or are gendered females actually female that are male? or are transgendered males actually female that are male? or are transgendered females actually male that are female?
    I do know that Chas Bono was a female homo, but is now considered a … what? … is she/he still a homo? … I just dunno

    more confusing than Father’s Day in democrat land


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