Let’s Play “Name That Cause”

The rules are simple.
I’ll name the city, the title of the artistic expression, and describe the work of art.
You name the cause the artist was trying to draw the public’s attention to.

Today’s “Name That Cause” contestant put wax butts around various public places of Miami. From the beach, Laundromats, metro stations, bus stops, mega stores, to the front steps of a private home.  She’s calling her work “Wax that A$$.”

Tell me, what was artist Allison Bouganim’s cause?

Answer is Here

34 Comments on Let’s Play “Name That Cause”

  1. OK I went to the link. Does this moron realize that she’s making a joke out of her cause? And that she’s actually harassing people by doing that?

    Plus the work is ass-ugly, girl!

  2. Her cause
    1, showing asses smaller than the Mooch
    2, they aren’t asses butt a depiction of Schmuckie Tumor’s brain

    Never mind. This has to be a lacking in talent libturd artiste.

  3. Took me a whie butt I finally figured out it is a sel-protrait and meant to show someone as ugly and Chelsea Hubbell.

  4. I think a better name would be “Butt-Hurt”; a commemoration to all the snowflakes and crybabies who are suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome that their guy lost the election. If it really were about “sexual harassment”, the sculptures would be a cigar and a blue dress.

  5. practice pads for Dr. Scholl’s Ass-kicking shoe inserts

    …. President Trump has ordered several crateful’s already

  6. Another self anointed “artist” with no artistic skills tantruming for no remuneration. Most uninteresting
    You’ve achieved nothing. Earned nothing. And the biggest stooge is the equally unaccomplished reporter
    Who dutifully reported on this fart in the night. An ordinary thing that most people hope goes unnoticed

  7. @Uncle Al: I think you’re probably old enough to appreciate the proposed new slogan for an anal bleaching product:

    “You’ll wonder where the yellow went,
    when you bleach your ass with Poopsodent.”

    (Now available with added chlorophyll)


  8. You mean to tell me ,I can pick up womems at bus stops. Who knew. But wait, are these ones you take home to Mom, or bimbettes. Cause I likes me some bimbettes.
    Just need to know cause there’s a bus stop right down the skreet. Would hate to think I’ve been wasting my time at bars. Damn bus fare’s cheaper than a mix drink.

  9. Since they were left at a train station I assume they represent all the people going to work their asses of to pay for the welfare and food stamps the idiots at the pussy March collect.

  10. Maybe those crazy knitters that put scarves on poles and trees, could knit up some panties.

    I actually like those knitters. 🙂

  11. Oh gawd, thanks Uncle Al. I clicked on that link and now I will have sidebar ads showing up on my laptop for that stuff and who knows what else.

  12. Well. I just read the article and I still have no idea what she’s trying to say. She did make the “reporter” who wrote the article look like a complete idiot. If that was her goal, then congratulations on her outstanding success.

  13. perhaps to show everyone what an ass she is. probably wind up on eBay soon, where some other ass will buy them.

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