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Let’s Register Them At Windows On the World

Absolutely stupid meme circulating amongst leftists on social media.

Can’t Muslim immigrants take their entitlement checks and go wherever they like?


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5 Comments on Let’s Register Them At Windows On the World

  1. how much more Libtarded can you get than to suggest to buy gifts for people that, unprovoked, have killed, in the name of their Moon god beliefs, well over 3200 innocent lives in the United States in the last 15 years?
    ….of course, if you support the killing of the unborn, by the millions, this doesn’t surprise anyone

  2. I don’t really have an opinion on Macy’s and don’t really have a desire to put them in harm’s way. But if you can guarantee me the store is employed by and filled with customers of 100% progtard association, I will gladly register all the terrorists there and also give them a gift cards to Home Depot for pipes and bolts.

  3. But I’m guessing the left is still OK with that gun owner registry that they wanted so badly, right?

    The Doublethink is strong in them. Not as strong as the stupid is, though.

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