Levin: CNN Is Destroying the First Amendment — Jake Tapper Is ‘Evil’


They got one clown after another, one fool after another, one Democratic appointee after another.


Friday on his nationally syndicated radio show, conservative talker Mark Levin, author of the forthcoming book “Rediscovering Americanism: And the Tyranny of Progressivism,” read from a Federalist piece by Ben Domenech laying out how Domenech viewed CNN’s “war” on President Donald Trump.

Domenech argued CNN was sacrificing “balance and centrism” in its quest against Trump.

Levin agreed with Domenech’s findings but took it a step further by declaring that CNN was “destroying the First Amendment” and that Trump was right to say the media are evil in some circumstances and singled out CNN’s Jake Tapper.

“You can see how CNN has changed its coverage,” Levin said. “CNN is at war with Trump. CNN is violating – CNN is destroying the First Amendment and freedom of the press. And when Jake Tapper says, ‘How dare President [Trump] call us evil?’ Jake, you’re evil. You’re unconscionable. All of you – because you know exactly what you’re doing. You don’t care.”  Read more

3 Comments on Levin: CNN Is Destroying the First Amendment — Jake Tapper Is ‘Evil’

  1. While I agree with the substance of the article I think it’s necessary to point out that since Jeff Zucker was hired to head up CNN and his prime directive was to “make a profit” that the network has gotten progressively worse and far more biasd in it’s reporting. I believe that Zucker gave them their marching orders and bet the farm on the progressive (probably at the direction of his masters) left and he may start losing big time now. Let’s hope so anyway.

  2. scr_north – Maybe… unless someone is funding them. I have a difficult time believing they make enough money on just conventional advertising dollars alone. Most of the time on the weekends it’s Paid Programming or propaganda (paid programming). Somebody’s paying for it, but they ain’t selling soap!

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