Liam “Gun Control” Neeson

They want the paycheck but none of the accountability for the movies they make that glamorize gun violence.

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  1. I have quit caring what actors, ANY actors, think. They live in a pretend world that has nothing to do with my life and as long as they stay there and do nothing but run their mouths, I don’t G.A.S.

    I like Neeson’s stuff. THE END.

  2. I like Neeson’s stuff too. That trailer got me so ruffled I don’t know if I could take 2 hours of the movie. So sad that he lost his beautiful wife. I thought she was non-stop gorgeous.

  3. You are spot on. Actors, musicians, etc. are all in the same bucket. While I don’t care what they think, their views do influence which movies I’ll go to see or which music I’ll listen to. Given that most of them are the die hard Libbies, it leaves me with few options.

  4. Unfortunately, what we think – or don’t care – about the words of these no-nothings, their influence is quite powerful among the lofo crowd.

    People like this use their influence against us just like people in education influence the children.

    We need to use the left’s own tactics on them and ridicule and berate them over and over again. Don’t stop.

  5. The contradiction is he wants the good guys to be totally dependent on the bad guys not being armed with guns. Good will from cut throat murderer types,, really?

    Come on Liam, take your head out of your ass for some much needed oxygen or feel free to continue to live in ignorance. The exit doors of the United States are many if you feel threatened and I’m certain you’re not with those bodyguards being totally armed with firearms. Demand they change that to spitballs, your choice of caliber.

  6. For s guy who claims to love the sound of muslim yodeling, He sure blows holes in a bunch of them on-screen. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  7. I’ve grown to hate these types of movies and certainly the hypocritical actors. Special forces guys and any tactical shooters quit shooting out of the Weaver a long long time ago. Reason being to many guys wearing armor were killed when a round found it’s way through the unprotected area on the side of the body. You would think if they where going to makes such a big deal out of the special forces angle at least they’d learn how those guys shoot.

  8. Someone should remind Mr. Neeson that the ‘gun-toting’ Americans saved the UK twice in the last century because they had unilaterally dis-armed themselves, and literally, had NO guns with which to repel the Bosch.

    And they came begging to us.

    We sent sporting rifles, old military rifles, everything we could spare, to save their ungrateful, holier-than-thou, worthless asses.

    Fuck Neeson, and fuck the UK.

  9. “unilaterally dis-armed themselves”

    should be:

    “unilaterally dis-armed”


    That damned George W. Bush!

  10. Fuck him-his recent screed demonizing gun owners and the 2A put him on the no watchee list.

    Oh and fuck him, did I mention that?

  11. No MM, I think you forgot a few fuck you, Liam s.

    Seems a bit short of ’em anyways.

    Better throw in a bunch more just to make sure you’re covered.

  12. When one makes millions by being filmed shooting guns in a country that is populated not by subjects of a crown but of FREEMEN and then pisses and moans about FREEMEN owning guns the whole magic of the ‘willful suspension of disbelief’ disappears like a fart in the wind. I shant ever pay a penny with anything he is a part of.

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