Liarwatha Announces Run For Presidency

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  1. They think they’ve swept that Indian thing under the rug, that it won’t matter now, and that they can deal with her socialism being brought up. If she is the horse they’re betting on…heh.

  2. Yeah, you know how many dems have done ‘exploratory’ stuff?
    They rake in the cash and then decide they’re not going to run.

  3. “‘Exploratory Committee’”
    she’s done gone and promoted herself with a promotion-
    from a squaw to a scout

  4. Blather… blather… blather.

    Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!

    (Oh, I’m sorry, she’s marketing herself. Except no one cares.)

  5. I couldn’t get past 30 seconds.
    She’s like an answer to a prayer, now if only cankles and Bernie toss in their hats it will be the trifecta.

  6. Yes, I know. The great independent free thinking women I know on Facebook have made it their mission to fill up my newsfeed with their excitement about this news.

  7. I mentioned this before. The lefties LOVE her and will throw their full support behind her. She may not make president. But she will be a very significant thorn in Trump’s side.

  8. Stale Beaver too long in tooth for Chief
    Hideous Voice make many strong brave sick with shrill song of self
    Heap big annoying

  9. Hope she stocks up on Pow-Wow Chow. She’s going to need her strength to keep up with DJT. Six months of campaigning and they’ll be pitching her floppy ass into her own Scooby van.


    Hard to win the democrap ticket being THAT white! 😮

    I mean, at LEAST Hitlery was MARRIED to the FIRST black president… 😉

  11. She must be smoking loco weed. What a lunatic. Fauxahonas will be comedy gold for the 2020 Presidental election, but she can forget about winning, opposing Mr. Trump. LOLOLOL!

  12. Ordinarily I wouldn’t care about a politician this self unaware. She’s Hillary Part Deux. Someone so off putting that she shouldn’t stand a chance. A mean, nasty, angry bitch.

    Then I look at her mean, nasty, angry base.

    A base that attacks people with whom they disagree in restaurants, movie theaters and try to knock down the front doors of people’s houses. A group that elects a man who steals Vietnam valor in Connecticut and is successfully elected as Senator.

    And a party that steals ballot boxes nationwide.

    I don’t trust the electoral system while slithering Elizabeth Warren types connive their way into power.

  13. A former coworker of mine hates PRESIDENT Trump. He posted this announcement on his page and conceded that because of her PRESIDENT Trump wins in 2020. 🤣

  14. Gotten too lost in the taught ethnic talents, like archery.
    (Change Bad named sports team, Redskins to Drunken’ In-gins).
    That should appease the offended ones.

  15. @Larry The Liberal.

    Hey Larry: How about this demo ticket: Pocahantas and Beto-nut O’Rourke. That’s enough to make you cream your jeans.

  16. Ewwww… no… why???
    She’s already hogged up enough political air time with her bullshit, I don’t want to hear about how she deserves to win and her demonize white Christians and talk about racial diversity and how it only matters when every person is Brown and not white or pale because ‘brown iz the bestest..’ /cue canned applause/

    I just d o n t want to hear any of it.


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