Lib site: Trump is a ‘Direct Threat’ to the Department of Justice

AIM: With news this week the Department of Justice had reopened investigations into the Clinton Foundation and Hillary Clinton’s private email server, the mainstream media has suddenly become concerned with the politicization of the U.S. justice system.

Talking Points Memo was the latest to put forth this line. From President Trump’s calls to “lock her up” on the campaign trail to his demands that Hillary and her former aide Huma Abedin go to jail for various offenses to his criticism of Attorney General Jeff Sessions for failing to protect him from the Mueller investigation, he seems willing to bend the justice process to his will, the story suggested.


“Taken together, the developments suggest a concerted effort by the Trump administration and its allies to push back against Mueller’s intensifying probe, by marshaling the full power of the federal government against the president’s political opponents. That poses a direct threat to the independence and impartiality of the justice system, former DOJ officials told TPM.”

To some, the developments posed even more of a threat – a threat to our very system of government. The story quoted Ken McCallion, a former federal prosecutor who also has represented foreign political leaders targeted by authoritarian governments, saying, “If we are slowly sliding from a fully democratic country to a more totalitarian, pseudo-democratic one, one of the signs of that will be politicization of the decisions of the judicial process.”

The left is most worried about the revived investigation into the Clinton Foundation and whether the Clintons accepted donations or speaking fees in exchange for policy considerations to be addressed when Hillary Clinton became president. read more

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  1. “The independence and impartiality of the justice system” where its stocked with supporters of one party who exonerate their own by writing the verdict of an investigation before they’ve interviewed the people involved. Where they offer immunity to their own party in exchange for nothing. Where a politicized Justice Dept. stonewalls Congressional investigations.

    We already have the smoking gun. The text messages where they are meeting to discuss an “insurance policy”. It is Treason. I’m glad Trump said it.

    These people deserve to be executed at high noon on the steps of the Supreme Court for what they’ve done and attempted to do to this country.

  2. Trump is too late in politicalization of the justice and intelligence systems. The usurper, faux president BHO accomplished that insidious corruption.

    Flushing the commie filth out of government will take years and many strong outsiders to do the job.

    The MSM commies are excellent at ensuring the truth never gets to the cult-like sheeple. The monopolizing and commie censoring of information is insidiously apparent, and the president’s twittering is the ONLY way the truth gets out.

    I see glimmers of truth-news getting through and notice the more frightened the left is, the more quickly they pile on 💩for ‘news’.

    Judging from the whirlwind of fake-panic-news and ‘events’, since the first of this year, their 💩pile may just be spreading so quickly that the STENCH is beginning to be uncoverable and even MSM and politician like Schumer and peloi are slipping up, their talking points.

  3. Damn straight, al Trump wants to is drain the swamp and all the swamp critters with their vested interest in the status quo hate his guts. GO TRUMP GO! Drain that damned swamp like you said you would.

  4. Bizarro World. The NSA, DOJ, and FBI were subverted and used illegally to damage DJT, and now DJT’s efforts to prosecute or at least oust those subversives is declared a politicization of the justice system.

    This is as preposterous as racists declaring non-racists racist.

  5. Congress should be doing something about these activist judges but Ryan and others are foot dragging. Trump and the voters want one thing and the entrenched slime want something else.

  6. IMO the obummer administration was completely inverted, perverted, converted, diverted bunch of treasonous boochet. (BS) I hope to see team obummer all put in prison for life. Including DOJ natl. security and fbi cointel divisions and it seems to me that cia is being giving a pass during all this unfolding lawlessness.
    Never ending insanity, and it seems to be spreading. When will we ever see the power of truth?

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