Liberal Activist and Her Dreams of Nuremberg Style Trials for Treasonous Trump Supporters

Diogenes’ Middle Finger: Some on the the left have long since demonstrated they have degenerated into sounding like bipolar hate filled habitual verbal masturbating spoiled children who don’t really believe in individual thought, free speech or equality. They reinforce that image every day by exercising a *“hierarchy of victimhood where truth is ascertained by degrees of gender and skin color.”

One such person is an insane author, liberal activist and tweeter blue check elite with her very own Wikipedia page (that means somewhere she’s a very important person) who warned in a couple of truly demented tweets Monday that Donald Trump and numbers of his of treasonous public supporters will one day meet their day of reckoning, and “face trial and end up in prison.”    MORE

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  1. Sounds like her org, “The New Agenda” aligns perfectly with UN Agenda 2030.
    I wouldn’t count on co-opting with them in an effort to impose your “Resistance Judicial System”, I hear they aren’t so flush with cash under the Trump administration.

  2. Thanks for the morning laugh. The entertainment value of deranged dems is something I appreciate more with each passing day.

  3. “Nuremberg Style Trials”

    How apropos. A Multi-National Kangaroo Court. What more could a totalitarian want than a totalitarian chimeric show-trial to disguise its crimes, treasons, and misdemeanors?

    At the very moment the National Socialists of Germany were being convicted of (among other things) “Wholesale Deportations of Peoples” the Soviet Socialists (sharing the Bench with the Americans and British) were “Deporting Whole Populations” and the Americans and British were forcing the Poles into the slavery (and death) of a return to the 1939 (AFTER the German and Soviet joint partition of Poland) Poland at the command of Stalin.

    Yeah – get what you want without actually having anything to do with “Law” or “Justice.”

    izlamo delenda est …

  4. With Satan everything’s upside down, so she is going along with her backward Programming.
    I wonder if after She’s Deprogrammed she’ll laugh at herself ?

  5. So, show trials after the blitzkrieg and the camps?

    Well, sweetness, let’s get this party started!

  6. “numbers of his of treasonous public supporters will one day meet their day of reckoning, and “face trial and end up in prison.”

    what kind of bs dream land is this person living in ?

    why would Trump supporters be treasonous ?

    it’s barky supporters who are treasonous with their blind obedience.
    no matter what criminal excapades comes out about hillary and obama they keep right on living in their dream world.

  7. @Diogenes

    Yes Ms. Siskind, many will indeed be remembered unkindly decades from now, but I doubt it will be the president or his supporters

    True, as there is a difference between “unkindly” and “not kindly”.

    It’s more likely to be people like you and the legions of left-wing hypocrites, cultural bullies and hate-mongers

    Extreme field specialists may, may, if such exist, differentiate between why different groups, as the field’s extreme specialists choose to define those past groups, in the future, supposedly, claimed to say “Mother, may I?”. But people like Ms. Siskind, who do not have a ream of Mother’s purchasedawarded titles, to wave behind their opinions, like fans behind a sail, will only be able to lump the kins who said “Mother, may I?” together.

    There will be no “trials”, faux or show, for Trump or the Trumpkins. They all say “Mother, may I?”. And if Mother says “no”, they sit down, count their pennies, and try to come up with a better offer, a sweeter deal. And, again, say “Mother, may I?”. Mother will not punish those who obey her, by offering more for Her permission. Even if She continues to hold out for bigger and better prizes. No matter how many times She says no, moar! (Even if that sounds like “No more”, as every wheeler-dealer knows.) Punishing those who bid last round, and lost, for upping the price Mother decides to take for “Yes, you may.”, will only scare bidders away.

  8. I cannot see how we are not going to have a civil war when half of the country hates the other half. And I predict a civil war will be anything but civil. No ROE.

  9. I for one an glad Diogenes had the fortitude to wade into that scalding acid pie of insanity and pull out some mentally deranged plums for us all to enjoy.
    “You’re a better man than I am, Gunga Din”- Kipling

  10. Do the executions come before or after the show trials? Not that it really matters, but some propriety must be observed.

  11. Vee National Socialists know vat to do vif you pipple who love your freedom and your guns. Der Fuerher has shown us der vay.


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