Liberal Lawyer Zeroes in On What Goes ‘Hand in Hand’ in New York Politics With Its NRA Lawsuit


When the liberal law community goes off the reservation, you can expect George Washington School of Law professor Jonathan Turley to offer his grounded commentary on why they’re wrong. Turley, who is no die-hard conservative, has consistently been out front calling out the Left for their gross overreach on legal matters. He was not supportive of the Democratic Party’s impeachment push against Donald Trump, notably saying that you cannot impeach a president simply on the basis of dislike. That has been the center for every anti-Trump action since 2017. In New York, the state attorney general, Letitia James, is trying to dissolve the National Rifle Association over its controversial expenditures. Of course, the Left is cheering this, but as Turley noted in a few paragraphs, “absurdity and popularity can often move hand in hand in New York politics.”

The law professor merely notes a few things. One is that the NRA is one of the oldest and most successful advocacy groups in history. Second, it’s not a criminal organization. And third, because it’s not a criminal organization, the grounds for dissolution are ridiculous.  more here

7 Comments on Liberal Lawyer Zeroes in On What Goes ‘Hand in Hand’ in New York Politics With Its NRA Lawsuit

  1. What seems to go hand-in-hand with NY politics is NY corruption.

    There’s the criminal organization in need of being dissolved.

  2. Mr. Turley is one of the sane liberals. He is still able to look at the law as written, read the words, and follow their meaning.

    Too many infuse words with new and convoluted meanings to suit their agenda.

    I am actually happy to hear from sane liberals, because I believe in the two party system where people debate ideas, compromise, and are able to change or just agree to disagree, and move on with life.

    That may or may not happen again in my life time, but I have hope when I hear from someone like this.

  3. I should have guessed from her first name but Jones is a black activist Democrat lawyer who is another one of the Soros backed state AG’s he installed in his plan to destroy the legal system. This time the big Soros money donor was Jennifer Soros one of his daughters in law. I’ve often said that it’s time to remove Soros and his sons off the planet now I guess it’s time to add the wives of his sons to the passenger list. The whole family is rotten to the core.

  4. Bob M.: No need to dissolve. NY is walling itself off from the rest of the USA. I applaud their efforts. Just make sure NYers can’t leave the State. . . until they wise up and elect a non-commie.

  5. De-fund police and confiscate guns.
    What could possibly go wrong?
    Just look around the world to see how that works.


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