Liberal Logic: There is No Voter Fraud Because We Caught Someone TRYING To Commit Voter Fraud

Voter fraud is the type of crime that when it succeeds there is no way of knowing it was committed. The dems say it is a myth, that voter fraud doesn’t occur. They say this after scores of dems are caught “trying” to commit the crime, year after year after year.

But that’s the rub, dems say, “see, they were caught, there is no fraud.”

How many weren’t caught?

“ZERO,” says the dems.

Yep, apparently we caught them all.


Virginia Democrat, James Madison University Student, Caught Registering Dead Voters…

ht/ abigail adams

10 Comments on Liberal Logic: There is No Voter Fraud Because We Caught Someone TRYING To Commit Voter Fraud

  1. Well, then, how’s about voter REGISTRATION fraud?! Yes, I think even an idiot D can agree there was voter registration fraud — the kid admitted to it. And how many other Young D’s are out there filling out forms with dead people’s info. And, who at their LD’s are telling them how to do it? This is where so-called investigation into voter registration fraud falls off a cliff. And without voter registration fraud there is less actual vote fraud.

  2. One better: So, let me get this straight. The D’s are registering dead people. Who obviously aren’t going to be able to vote.

    (Who was going to do the voting for the dead?)

  3. Stuffing ballot boxes was the problem.
    Election judges was to be the cure.

    Fraudulent registration is a problem.
    Purging county voter lists and poll watchers was to be the cure.

    Who counts the votes is a problem.
    Electronic voting machines was the cure.

    Who wrote the code for the voting machines is a problem.
    What’s the cure?

    The State Board of elections and the Federal Election Commission are toothless tigers when it comes to enforcement, investigation and prosecution.

    Prosecution and serious sentencing of perpetrators would discourage registration and voter fraud. That hasn’t happened nearly enough.

  4. No, no, no. There is no voter fraud because liberals SAY there is none! Just as there is no:
    -illegal immigration
    -erosion of freedom
    -ascent of globalism
    -unemployment problem
    -crime problem
    -illegal IRS, VA, DHS, FBI, & etc problem
    -Obamacare problem
    -congressional integrity problems
    -communist Cuba problems
    Oh the list is just too long.

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