Liberal Professor Says Liberal Students Scare Him

Keep in mind, this was published by VOX, a lefty site.


I once saw an adjunct not get his contract renewed after students complained that he exposed them to “offensive” texts written by Edward Said and Mark Twain. His response, that the texts were meant to be a little upsetting, only fueled the students’ ire and sealed his fate.  That was enough to get me to comb through my syllabi and cut out anything I could see upsetting a coddled undergrad, texts ranging from Upton Sinclair to Maureen Tkacik — and I wasn’t the only one who made adjustments, either.

I am frightened sometimes by the thought that a student would complain… accusing me not of saying something too ideologically extreme — be it communism or racism or whatever — but of not being sensitive enough toward his feelings, of some simple act of indelicacy that’s considered tantamount to physical assault. As Northwestern University professorLaura Kipnis writes, “Emotional discomfort is [now] regarded as equivalent to material injury, and all injuries have to be remediated.” Hurting a student’s feelings, even in the course of instruction that is absolutely appropriate and respectful, can now get a teacher into serious trouble.

Who built these monsters? YOU DID.

I hope you lose everything you worked for, you dumb bastid.

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  1. I love the fact that he supposedly lives in fear of others like himself. What a dweeb! But in fact I predict a nervous breakdown and a lifetime worth of benefits within next 12 months.

  2. I was tougher emotionally than these “educators” and “students” are now by the time I was 4 years old (as were most of us in times past).

    What are they going to do when they get rejected for a job opportunity or anything else in life for that matter?

    I shudder to think that the future of America rests on the incredibly narrow shoulders and fragile psyches of this generation. At least maybe it will present employment opportunities for older people that won’t need “safe spaces” against emotional “triggers” for something as simple as people asking us to do our jobs.

  3. OK, figured him out, “What if this hurts my evaluations and I don’t get tenure?”

    It’s all about tenure with him.

  4. Break them down physically and emotionally, spiritually and morally, emasculate and degenerate. Those are the goals and tactics of the Left.

    And what about the “emotional discomfort” that 0bama causes us all? I’m gonna make it a point to “remediate” a leftist’s ass with my size 13 RedWing boot every fucking day.

  5. these coddled babies can stay on the coasts in the big cities. I’ll stay out here in flyover country where the people aren’t quite so fragile.

    If this ’emotional discomfort = physical abuse’ thing becomes rampant, anyone with a brain and a set of metaphorical balls is going to be screwed.

    I hope it’s after I’m gone.

  6. Oh boo-hoo. “I had to make changes to my teaching materials to keep my cushy six-figure salary for this part-time job with lavish benefits courtesy of the taxpayers and outlandish tuition fees. I just don’t know how I’ll afford my vacation home in the Hamptons unless I follow orders!”

    F YOU! Libs never take responsibility for the mess they created! Remember the French Revolution, the mob doesn’t stop after the one percenters. They go after the elite educators too.

  7. A wolf in sheep’s clothing devoured by the very
    lambs he thought to teach the PC of destruction.
    It’s like “The Lord Of The Flies” on campus.
    How deliciously appropriate is the result
    as Whimpy the Wolf sweats bullets as the
    little commissars he created turn the police
    state tactics he taught them, not just on the enemies of his beloved left, but on him.

  8. Don’t forget the spineless administrators (you know, the ones who really make the big bucks in the academic pecking order). They’re the worst of the liberal pack. No prof should think for a moment that the admin poltroons have their back. Today’s students can play them like violins.

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