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Liberal women angry with Hillary

DML: Over the past week it has become extremely obvious that the liberal media is willing to exploit women for the sake of derailing the presidential aspirations of Donald Trump. This is done because the media wants to see to it that Hillary Clinton wins the White House. But the question becomes, “why?” What will Hillary do for women if elected?


A must see video filmed by a young female reporter highlights women of all ages and races explaining why Hillary is a terrible choice for president.


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  1. It’s nice seeing the occasional anecdotal exception. Sadly way too many women are in Hillary’s wheel house. A man only vote and Trump could go golfing until he’s inaugurated in Jan.

  2. I wonder how many of these types of reporting are being suppressed by MSM: all of them. I suspect this is not an isolated protest. Just as the size of and number of Trump rallies

  3. Day-YUM! What a great find!
    I’m spreading this video ALL over, bay-BEE!
    (sorta makes up for that GOPee A§$h*le in Ohio…)

  4. I am deeply suspicious of the whole “women are for killery” thing. I’ve been to two 10k+ rallies for Trump and have watched all his other rallies and town halls. When I look at the audiences, I see at least one woman for every man there and often times I see more women than men. And because of the attention and visibility this supposed issue has got, there are a lot of “Women For Trump” groups as well. I don’t see any “Men For Killery” groups.

    Is killery talking about just lesbian women or transgendered ‘women’? ‘Cause I just don’t see that voting bloc in the numbers anyone would need to win a presidential election.

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