Liberalism is a Religion


Why is it American Liberals have no problem letting their anti-Semitic flag fly?

They feign tolerance for gays, transgendered, and even Islamic terrorists. But not for Israel.

They bend over backwards accommodating Muslims in American culture but expect Christians to shut the hell up and bake that gay wedding cake.

What gives?

For years Hamas has been firing rockets into Israel — a nation with nuclear capability that could, quite frankly, wipe those miserable bastards off the face of the planet with one strike.




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  1. You speak as if you’ve never seen a hypocrite before.

    The rules are for your side alone. Not mine.

    All that matters is the power. Allegations of racism, sexism, homophobia, etc are just cudgels to beat you with. The ends justify the means even if they destroy the fabric of the country and lead to a civil war.

    When you are anti-American Communists, this all makes perfect sense. Attacking Judeo-Christian values undermines the morality of everything everywhere because it is the only thing currently allowed to come between you and the state’s wishes.

    If you see everything through that prism, it always makes sense.

  2. Easy: because Jews, as a group, have done very well for themselves. Synogogues are crammed to the rafters with doctors, attorneys, scientists, accountants, professors, and financiers. And with that success has come financial achievement.

    It is part and parcel of the libtard ideology that rich people suck. Why do you think nobody paid any heed to Donald Trump’s genius demand that BHO release his Columbia records?

    Repeat after me, class. Rich people suck, Jews are rich people, therfore Jews suck.

  3. On a slightly deeper note:

    Jewish success has been, by and large, a self-achieved victory. I’ve met hundreds of Jewish people in my life, and only one of them had ever received any government benefit other than unemployment.

    Think how crazy that must drive a libtard: the idea that someone can make something of himself without Uncle Sam poking his nose in it every step of the way.

  4. It’s the yin-yang, Venus/Mars, Cain/Abel, Ginger/Mary Ann of things. Liberals are those who desire the unfettered satiation of their urges. They’re natural inclination is to be outside the confines of rules, order and traditions.

    This modern liberalism that began in the sixties saw a generation where ‘If it feels good, do it’, ‘don’t trust anyone over 30’ and ‘question authority’ blossomed in the seventies to where a simple ‘please don’s liter’ devolve into ‘OMG we have to save the planet’.

    As the hippies and yippies grew past thirty they faced realities and people like Jerry Rubin ended up on Wall Street and Nancy Pelosi in Congress. Even though they now found themselves having to grow up they couldn’t mature beyond the confines of their idealistic youth but pass these tendencies on to their progeny.

    So we end up in a situation where they still have thee minds of children but hold own-up jobs yet they maintain this revulsion to traditions, deeply rooted moral values and convictions.

    For them, Israel represents and entity in the other camp, the one of tradition and order. When it comes to that conflict they only want to argue it within the era of everything since 1948, generally a span covering their lifetime becaue nothing existed before their appearance on this planet.

    They only form their argument within the confines of the dissolution of the imperialist British colonialism. To point to the ruin of a temple two thousand years old as an indication as to who has legitimate rights to the Holy Land only brings about that blank stare, jaws agape, drooling ‘huh’? response.

    Liberalism is Ginger. Fake, pretension seeking only the adoration of others and instant gratification of their urges. They are for others with the same values. They aren’t interested in Mary Ann’s apple pie, depths of moral conviction to one’s heritage or a clear, unwavering set of values.

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