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Liberalism Kills Communities

Townhall/ Derek Hunter-

Remember this week when it comes time to vote in November. What we’re seeing across America is what Democrats have created coming to fruition; it’s the natural end result of a progressive philosophy that works overtime to absolve individuals of their responsibility and place blame on others for political advantage. It’s rage for the sake of motivation to vote, to hate, to not think. It has worked for progressives in the past, and there’s no reason to believe it won’t work for Democrats now. But in order to work, it has to destroy. Liberalism, progressivism, or whatever they choose to call the Democratic Party’s agenda, kills.

It kills people, it kills businesses, it kills communities.

The first two are obvious, the last one may be less so. The political left spends a lot of time tossing around the word “community,” but they don’t mean it the way you likely understand it. It, like so many other words bastardized by leftists, has been redefined to be more useful to those who seek to use it to empower themselves. The new progressive definition of community kills actual communities; it was designed to do so.

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  1. “Remember this week when it comes time to vote in November.”

    Why, this weeks gonna seem tame compared to next week.

  2. commies, queers, and gingers

    you don’t want to live in a city with em

    they have free reign, and you haven’t even got the right to roll your eyes

    the cops will give em free reign.
    the cops will display a huge ‘show of force’, though, if you put up an ‘it’s ok to be white’ sign

    sooner or later, large city real estate is going to be a huge shorting opportun
    that day is getting closer

  3. AntiFA has crossed the lake from Seattle and are now rioting in Bellevue WA. They’ve looted Bellevue Square, a very high end mall and are trying to set restaurants on fire, LA Fitness is on fire. They trashed Safeway and robbed shoppers. It is a wealthy area. Bell Square is the center of Bellevue and there are family homes and condos within easy reach of these horrible people. #Bellevue on Twitter is what I’m following. Currently, all our news channels are focusing on Seattle Mayor and Inslee blathering on about racial injustice and the WuHan Flu. Nightmare. 😡

  4. I don’t like to sound redundant, but this is all about the election of President Trump, it has nothing to do with George Floyd anymore.

    The Democrat Party wants chaos and mayhem in order to disrupt the election. They are willing to let the country burn to the ground. Power is all that matters to them.

  5. @BB Yes and yes. I don’t live near Bellevue (I lived and worked there years ago. I know the area well). I’m out in the country in another county in a well defensible position. Our neighbors shoot/hunt. From the Twitter feed it looks like they plan to riot in Bellevue, Kirkland and Issaquah. Nice communities in the suburbs across Lake Washington from Seattle. 😡

  6. Illustr8r

    Unfortunately this is rather predictable. And unless someone intervenes the Libtard decision makers civilians will ultimately end this. At a heavy price most likely.

  7. My neighborhood is full of virtue signalling signs, the first line of which is always, “Black Lives Matter.” The “New York Times,” census project shows that only about one percent of the people who live here are black. Hmmm. Perhaps said signs should read, “BLM but NiMBY.”

  8. Believe it or not, last night our Governor Inslee sent in the National Guard to Seattle, 200 Guardsmen to start. What is unbelievable is that he announces that they would be unarmed! WTF!

  9. “Liberalism Kills Communities”

    I DO NOT believe there is a more eloquent, simple way to express the MOST basic facts that hinder America.

  10. joe6pak

    Libtard politicians are setting up Antifa for success further emboldening them. They are under the impression nothing will stop them.

  11. @BB It’s insane to see this. The lefty pandering by the officials in charge is just…no words.

    At the mall, planners of the riot, left carts of rocks for the rioters to use. More coordinated than the mayor and police. 😡

  12. Illustr8r

    Interesting. I read a story yesterday about pallets of bricks being dropped off in New Jersey, I think, before the terrorists arrived. This points to a certain amount of command and control. Not good. Somebody needs to stop this now.

  13. Anybody got a figure in mind when the
    dust settles.I am thinking 3-5B$ maybe more…

  14. Our big city mayors and police departments are completely unprepared to deal with civil or international war.

    In fact, I’ll wager that ANY American city could be taken over by 5000 Chinese commando’s in two hours flat.

  15. Following the #bellevue twitter feed there was a threat to Snohomish-which is a nice small town north of Bellevue along a river, tons of small businesses and restaurants and a lot of antique stores. If that happens…I just don’t know what to think.

    Some creepy comments on that twitter feed alluded to going into neighborhoods after 8:30pm. We’ll see what happens. 😡

  16. Doesn’t Bill Gates live on the east side of Lake Washington? Do you think these Antifa cowards will try and target him? I doubt it and if they did would he fight back or bug out. Stay safe Seattle, I’m praying for you. I’m beginning to weep for my country, this is getting bad and beyond control except that God is still in charge no matter what. Please don’t let this get out of hand where we have to fight to get our basic American rights back. I have no doubt that we will prevail but an awful lot of innocent people could get killed in the fight between the anarchists and the decent American people who oppose them. This is worse than 1968. I too am armed and will fight back.

  17. The rioters who are getting bail money from hollywood don’t realize after bail, they will have court hearings and need lawyers. And they will have no money for that. Just the bail.

    And they will be tossed aside just like the last time when soros groups offered to pay their bail and other expenses. Some of them stayed in jail for some time.

  18. George Soros and his entire family and all of his associates needs to be Yamamotoed and targeted for destruction. There is no reason for him to be allowed to live. Hunt them all down like rabid dogs and eliminate them. Old Nazis (and Nazi sympathizers and stooges) must die and be targeted like the Israeli’s did with Adolph Eichmann. He needs to be eliminated for the good of humanity.

  19. Right next to Bellevue Square is Medina. Very rich and they have their own police. Some subdivisions have private security. Bill Gates lives on Mercer Island. It’s halfway between Seattle and Bellevue on i90. Very very rich waterfront homes.

  20. The Spokane cops have sprayed teargas and shot rubber bullets at these protestors. I heard they are also trashing the Nike store. I’m pissed, this should not be happening. I want to see Antifa heads on pikes as a warning to the rest of these punks.

  21. Sad at the destruction but a LOT of smug, rich liberals will likely rethink their political allegiances now that their coddled little monsters are taking the battles to their streets.


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