Liberal/Progressive Trump Slashes Government Spending To the Dismay of NeverTrump Bints Who Still Say He’s a Stealth Progressive – IOTW Report

Liberal/Progressive Trump Slashes Government Spending To the Dismay of NeverTrump Bints Who Still Say He’s a Stealth Progressive


President Donald Trump’s first budget blueprint, out this morning, lived up to the administration’s promise that it would be a ‘hard power’ document, slashing spending in almost every federal department except Defense and Homeland Security.

Trump’s proposal makes significant cuts to the Health and Human Services’ and the State Department’s budgets to fund his border wall and the military build-up he’s been promising. State department is being slapped with a nearly 29 percent reduction to its foreign aid division, a 10.9 billion dollar decrease from the current fiscal year. HHS will lose out on 12.6 billion, a 16.2 percent decrease, if Trump’s budget is approved in its current form by Congress.

Trump is proposing the dramatic cuts to some agencies so he can put $2.8 billion more toward immigration enforcement in 2018, $2.6 billion of which is being set aside for his border wall, and appropriate an additional $54 billion to defense spending without adding to the federal deficit. ‘We will begin a new chapter of American greatness,’ Trump said in an introduction to the document that puts ‘America first.’

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting, which provides support to NPR and PBS – the broadcaster of Sesame Street – will also see its funding phased out if Trump’s budget makes it past the House and Senate over the objection of both conservatives and liberals.


Here he is, folks, the guy we’ve been waiting for. But still, the usual moron suspects on the right will find fault with Trump.

Tiny hands?

Said mean things?



Whattya got at this point?



22 Comments on Liberal/Progressive Trump Slashes Government Spending To the Dismay of NeverTrump Bints Who Still Say He’s a Stealth Progressive

  1. You know what they’re response is going to be:

    “He’s just doing a head-fake! This orange clown knows Congress won’t ever approve this, so he is just pretending. He’ll cave because he’s a fraud and a phony!!! And you Trumpbots are too stupid and full of the orange Kool-Aid to know it!”

    But that’s just conjecture on my part.

  2. “You just can’t fix stupid!” – Ron White

  3. I want to have zeros first budget proposal on hand?

    IIRC Stupendously wasteful and rejected 99–0?

    I think having them side-by-side would really illustrate the difference between the two presidents.

  4. Dammit

    I forgot to proofread

    Using a mic has its risks.

    Last post should have started off “anyone have…”

  5. I just popped over to a notorious Never Trump site. The comments section is full of “yeah, right” and “that’s not a real budget; it’s just a PR stunt!” And “he won’t fight Congress to get it through!”

    Just once I would like to be wrong about these fart-knockers.

  6. The 29% reduction for the State Department is Foreign Aid. It’s about damn time. The Libs are going nuts. Pelosi is foaming at the mouth.

  7. Like the Left, the #NT movement is becoming a smaller dot in the rearview mirror. Real, conservative, “progress” makes them faddish and irrelevant.

  8. “I just popped over to a notorious Never Trump site”

    The Right Poop? Super Mex and the rest have created their own little monster on that sight. During the primaries they eliminated by either banning or chasing away by content any pro Trump people. They’re left with an audience that is so Anti Trump that they sound just like Antifa. Mean while their posts are more and more Pro Trump.

  9. An across the board payroll cut….20%

    If your paycheck comes from the Federal government…cut.

    Say hello to the real world.

  10. When Donald Trump decided to run for the presidency it was because he was frustrated and pissed off at what he was seeing coming out of Washington D.C. Now that he is President Trump I’ll bet he is mad as hell at what is in Washington D.C. I’d be interested to know if this is what he expected or if it is worse than he feared. I love the guy and hope like hell that he stays safe and on course.

  11. With the media, the Dems, and the #Nevertrumpers going ballistic 24/7, it has freed Trump to be the most conservative president ever. He will never be able to appease any of these rabid fools. So why even try? He won’t try, he’ll just do things his way.

  12. He could edit Truman’s desk plaque:
    “The Buck Stops”

  13. I’m related to some NT. The butt hurt is so intense it’s so much fun, the only downside is I can’t actually enjoy it with them. But being family they have at least learned to shut their traps, I won and have been proven right over and over. Mwhahahahahahaha has

  14. All the Never-Trump stuff is just normal at this point. The trouble with normal, it always gets worse.

  15. There are many who call themselves conservative who will fail this key test: will they oppose conservative changes to govt if those changes reduce their paychecks or eliminate their jobs.

  16. I thought 30% of civil servants were going to quit when Trump got elected? Guess a six figure salary to sleep and surf porn for six hours a day is too sweet a gig to quit.

  17. President Trump reminds me more of Calvin Coolidge than Andrew Jackson.

  18. I think it is great. Obama, despite being constitutionally required, did not send (or sign) a single budget in his 8 years as President. It was just a series of continuing resolutions and some piecemeal spending plans.

  19. “Whattya got at this point?”

    The first numbers floated netted zero change. Just pulling money out of one pocket, and putting it in another, in the same pair of pants.

    The linked article, now, nets out to more than a $30bn increase.

    That sounds like overspending Progress™ to me.

  20. It will be most entertaining and interesting to watch the Republicans tap dance around this issue and justify their reasons for not voting for the reductions!

  21. The budget is a very good start. Beef up the military, drop the ax on NPR and PBS – they hold those marathons for collecting $$$ all the time anyway. Blow up the EPA, whittle down the Ag Dept., and start throwing out all those many repetitive programs for useless crap that serves no purpose. And eliminate funding for The Arts. Tell the asswipes in Hollywood and the Music Industry to fork over some cash to support that. They got plenty of moola to spend on that and not on drugs and other shit. Amazing how much dough you’d find!

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