Liberals Are Starting To Turn Against Racist Critical Race Theory

What took so long?

Critical Race Theory is a pantload of bitter, hyperbolic, racist, nasty, negative horseshit.

(I know what took so long. Liberals are stupid.)

Megyn Kelly talks about the racist schools her children attended in NYC. The liberal audience begins to applaud her condemnation.

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  1. Maher, speaking about what other ‘liberals’ say to him: ” … you’re so lucky you don’t have kids”

    no …. we’re so lucky he doesn’t have kids!

    as for the rest of the vid … sounds like Maher’s “chickens are coming home to roost”

    … & his panties are in a wad about it

  2. I doubt that one episode of Maher’s show proves that the tide is turning against the left’s anti-white racism.

  3. @ David Owens MARCH 1, 2021 AT 12:06 AM

    Beat me to it. Without Critical Theory they are lost and the leaders of the progressive movement know it.

  4. I wonder how much longer until bullshit leftist hypocrisy has nowhere to hide and it implodes on itself? Even those that didn’t vote for PRESIDENT Trump the first time but were red pilled enough to vote for him the second time even were beginning to see it.

  5. Whoa! I’d hate to be in their shoes. I mean, when you CHOOSE to step onto that slippery slope, how do control the pitch and texture of the glide path to the bottom? They hadn’t thought that through, had they.

    And Maher! He’s what passes for reason and logic on the Left!

  6. Maher’s nose bears a startling resemblance to a penis. No wonder he’s such a dickhead.

    As for that slag Meghan Kelly, she knows she screwed up when she attacked President Trump and is now trying to weasel her way back into the limelight. Won’t work you washed up media whore.

  7. “…having the exact opposite effect of the one they intended.” Nonsense. Dividing America has always been the EXACT intent of this racist tripe. Helter Skelter, anyone?


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