Liberals celebrate news that Tucker Carlson is in the hospital


Fox News star Tucker Carlson went to the hospital on Friday with a case of appendicitis.

Jake Tapper wished his fellow newscaster well wishes, but his liberal CNN fans exploded with joy at the news hoping his condition would have been a lot more severe.  more


14 Comments on Liberals celebrate news that Tucker Carlson is in the hospital

  1. first, get well soon Tucker. second, everything that libs throw is soon coming back at em. as my dear old drunken dad said, don’t be scared of getting a little bit on ya when you get in a shit throwing contest.

  2. I recall President Reagan saying to the doctors and staff, prior to surgery; “I hope you are all registered Republicans!”

  3. I guess I should be bigger about it and never wish an ill to befall anyone, but I understand how they feel. I wish Obama was in a hospice with stage 12 of cancer of the asshole. I’m a horrible person I guess.

  4. It is all because the proglodytes on his show cannot mount an effective argument for their positions. These tweets reflect their realization that their philosophy and political views are destructive and bankrupt.

  5. Disgusting. Absolutely disgusting.
    I abhor Rachel Maddow, but if she were in the hospital, I certainly wouldn’t be wishing she was dying. 😐

    God bless Tucker, appendicitis is tough.

  6. When the left run out of arguments, they resort to personal attacks. Just goes to show how shallow their arguments are to begin with. Tucker can run rings around them and they get pissed.


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