Liberals reserve tickets to Trump’s New Hampshire rally to try making venue look empty

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A liberal-leaning group and individuals are using social media to encourage Trump opponents to reserve tickets for the president’s upcoming reelection rally in Portsmouth, N.H., in an attempt to make the venue appear empty.

“Get your tickets and don’t go,” one Twitter user wrote Monday.

The “Make America Great Again! Rally” is scheduled for Saturdayand follows one in late June in Tulsa, Okla. In advance of the rally, TikTok users reserved tickets and didn’t show up to reduce crowd size.

“If you have two minutes of your day to troll the president….Reserve two tickets and laugh knowing that’s two seats not filled,” another person tweeted about the New Hampshire rally.

“Just booked 2 tickets to Trump’s rally in NH that I won’t be going to,” a different user posted on Twitter.

Another user told his followers to put “incorrect information” in for the RSVP but use a real phone number. more

22 Comments on Liberals reserve tickets to Trump’s New Hampshire rally to try making venue look empty

  1. Simple!
    Give out twice as many tickets as the venue can legally hold with the caveat that only X number of people will get in and first come first seated whether you have a ticket or not.
    Then Trump can boast about how many people couldn’t even get in to see him because so many tickets were given away! Win-win!

  2. The Campaign to Re-Elect Donald J. Trump thanks you for your monetary contribution to his campaign.

  3. Tickets are reserves only. It’s really whoever shows up first. They always have more asking than getting anyway.

  4. They are also going onto merch sites, loading up their carts and leaving the carts open indefinitely. This seems to be an interstate criminal conspiracy to engage in restraint of trade.

  5. Kind of Jr. High school thinking, isn’t it?
    Puerile, juvenile, sophomoronic, … ?

    Like the Iranians pretending that an easily-controlled fire delays their nuclear bomb plots?
    I don’t know, maybe Satan’s running out of ideas …

    izlamo delenda est …

  6. An army of 15 year olds who broadcast their intentions should be very effective!!

    Give yourself a charcoal mustache or stuff a bra and you can go vote too. Have fun kiddies!

  7. This is a fool me once not happening twice thing and the reason Tulsa was empty wasn’t the liberal sign ups it was the event producers that left thousands outside. So sign away and Parscale should just not publish sign up numbers and reach out to known base in state.

  8. MJA is correct. There is no limitation on the number who can request “tickets”. The venue keeps track of who passes through the metal detectors at the end of the process for entry in order to keep within fire code. Those who think their “reserved ticket” will result in an empty seat apparently don’t know this.

  9. Charge for the tickets, require payment when reserved, no refunds.

    If they don’t show up, they still financed it.

  10. I don’t think charging would solve it, you also have a lot of Soros and other group money that would buy them. These are evil angry people. They also need to learn from Rushmore, they are going to attack on all levels. Look forward to more terrorists in vans showing up, blocking traffic, and threatening attendees outside. Send out the national guard again. A guy in Portland was arrested by the Feds with pipe bomb material. This is juvenile but these people have lost their mind and probably have several other plans to disrupt. The ticket stunt sounds more like the #neverTrump GOP Liberty Project.

  11. Won’t work. Tickets are not “reserving places”. It’s get in line and wait your turn with your ticket. Tickets are just a promotion ploy to get a person on the campaign’s mailing list, etc.
    But let the liberals play this game. It keeps their drooling faces inside and off the streets.

  12. It’s the gatekeepers and the arena management who Parscale needs to ride herd on, not the losers who think they rule the world with their phone. And pretending that Trump could not fill any are a twice over is what leads to their shocked rage on 11/4.

  13. The communist pigs continue to throw monkey wrenches in the machinery of free democratic process.

  14. Why does the US still allow tiktok apps to be downloaded? The Chinese are using it for ID theft. Same reason we got rid of Huawei.

  15. Tiktok can suck ____ well you fill in the blank. People I know try to get me to click bait Tiktok, won’t touch it with a ten foot pole.

  16. 300 commies will show up and try to disrupt President Trump. Ironic that Biden hasn’t even been able attract 300 supporters since entering the race.

  17. @ AbigaleAdams
    Last year I had a neighbor announce on FB she had tickets to a Trump Event in nearby Manchester. An hour before the event is scheduled to start she posts she’s leaving for Manchester (a 30 minute drive) and looking forward to seeing the President. I posted back that people had been waiting on line outside the venue since the prior morning, if she was only heading to Manchester an hour before there was no way possible she was getting into the arena!
    She couldn’t even get within a block of the venue the crowds were so huge. Like many, she seemed to think having a ticket in hand meant there was an empty seat waiting for her no matter what time she arrived.

  18. At least the DimWits knows enough not to have a rally for Joe opposite a rally for pDT. The letter after o will not function on this temp keyboard as a capital letter.


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