Liberals to Trump-Supporting Tangier Island ‘We Hope You Drown’


Angry liberals are wishing death on a tiny, vanishing island in Chesapeake Bay because its inhabitants mostly support Donald Trump and refuse to think correct thoughts about climate change.

Tangier Island in the middle of Chesapeake Bay, about an hour’s boat ride from the Virginia mainland, rises only a few feet above the waterline and has been slowly eroded by the sea since it was first colonized in the 1600s. Now its 500 remaining residents are desperate for federal support because it is on the verge of disappearing.

But when they asked for support from Donald Trump to help them build a wall – a sea wall, this time, to hold back the eroding waves – it prompted a barrage of hate from outsiders. Their crime, apparently, was to blame the island’s plight on natural erosion and not rising sea levels caused by man-made climate change.


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  1. These Libs want this Island to Go Away, But I’m Guessing they First made Sure their Crab Supply Would still Get to Their Plates !

  2. The island ISN’T disappearing (see notalotofpeopleknowthat link) but, if the residents really want to prop it up, they can pay for it themselves, or ask Richmond.

  3. I live near Sedona AZ. It was the below the bottom of the ocean a few hundred million years ago.
    The famous Red Rocks are the eroded remnants of the sand deposited on the bottom of said ocean.
    Sedona is at 5000 feet elevation.
    Was this ocean at 5000 + feet elevation?
    No it was at nearly sea level.
    So, the ground itself goes up and down independent of the sea level.
    Areas around the edges of the tectonic plates undergo elevation changes irrespective of sea level.
    Global warming is a scam to bring globalism and world-wide Communism in through the back door.
    The global warming industry shills should be tarred and feathered.
    With artisinal Tar from naturally occurring deposits and feathers gathered by indigenous peoples in the rain forest.

  4. All the headwaters are paved. (DC Maryland etc.)
    No silt flows at a normal rate so the island is eroding.
    Plow DC under and back into a swamp an Tangier will come back in about 100 years.

  5. Islands in the Chesapeake have been subjected to erosion and subsidence since they first formed. Some have outright disappeared. Sea walls and breakwaters have been the answer, where feasibly placed, before it’s too late.

    Specific to Tangier, because it’s the southernmost in the bay, and most vunerable, they’ve been working on this for over a decade.

    Properties on the windward side of under the radar Gibson Island to the north have them, as does Kent Island to its east, and Saint Michael’s, Poplar and Hooper’s to their south. Who are the anti-western civ Luddites again? The ones who think they should rule over those who they feel don’t vote the right way.

    Tangier is directly west of the Chesapeake Bay Foundation’s site (just one of many dotting the bay) on Port Isobel Island. They have the bucks to underwrite the job, and as a stand-alone, they have a great score from Charity Navigator. Unfortunately, it suffers from the usual blue state ailment of having been nearly subsumed in the politics (and as a “partner” to the EPA; don’t get me started*),so Tangier is mainly valuable to them for its victim status – something antithetical to any waterman.

    *As a counter to the encroaching feels campaign, a popular local bumper sticker in the 80s was “Pave the Bay, Nuke the Whales”

  6. I just google-traveled to Tangier Island. Looks like the first well-placed hurricane will wipe it off the map. Get the hell out of there while you can.

    Lazlo – – I heard Sedona is a star gate. What galaxy are you from?

  7. Time flies, stuff erodes.
    Florduh was once the Appalachian Mountains.
    Live by the boat wake, erode by the boat wake.

  8. Subsiding Land, NOT Man-Caused Global Warming Climate Change. The same damned thing is going on here in Louisiana bayou country and the fucking LibTards conspirators are trying their same Global Warming scam here too.

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