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Liberals Turn On ‘Sexist’ Soros Over Attack On Gillibrand

DC: Prominent liberals have turned on left-wing billionaire George Soros over his defense of former Democratic Minnesota Sen. Al Franken, who resigned in January following allegations that he repeatedly groped women without their consent.

Soros slammed Democratic New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand for her role in pushing Franken to resign over the allegations. Soros accused Gillibrand of turning on Franken, whom Soros said he admired, “in order to improve her chances” for the 2020 presidential elections.

“With midterms approaching and a larger-than-ever bench of female candidates running for office — and after that, a presidential race where several of the potential contenders are women — we’ll see just how well Democrats, especially those with the power to influence elections, learned the lessons of 2016,” feminist author Jill Filipovic wrote in a Tuesday column for CNN titled, “If Democrats agree with Soros’ sexist comments, they’re in trouble.”

“If Soros’ comments are any indication, there’s a significant chunk of the Democratic electorate — I imagine a mostly male chunk — who haven’t learned much at all,” she concluded.

MSNBC host Chris Hayes called Soros’s defense of Franken “sexist garbage,” which he said “should be lit on fire.” Others made similar arguments.

13 Comments on Liberals Turn On ‘Sexist’ Soros Over Attack On Gillibrand

  1. George Soros is a remaining replica of the old european globalist money cabal. Along with a few others, he should be in Siberia for the duration……..the face of true evil that surpasses even pelosi, hillary, and maxine… what’s the word??? “WAR CRIMINAL”!

  2. Soros is evil, but his observation is reasonable. Pointing out WJC’s abuses after 20 years is another indication that it is all politics with the Senator.

  3. Soros has jumped the shark. The guy is failing all over the world. About time. That is what happens (and what you deserve) when you hitch your wagon to Hillary Rodham Clinton.

  4. Sorus has absolutely no morals, none at all. There is no country that he and his cabal will not attack, even the one that is harboring him from crimes in Russia and various European countries. Putin would love to get his hands on him. I consider him and his sons to be the epitome of evil. He has done more to destabilize this country than will ever be known. I would gladly participate in the firing squad, tie the noose or drop guillotine for this most despicable SOB on earth.

  5. we are watching the fall of the psychopaths.

    these ‘things’ that look human are monsters and if we really delved into what they do behind closed doors the masses would stroke out.

    may these demons roast for what they have done to humanity.

  6. All that money and he couldn’t see his way to visit a surgeon and have those hideous empty scrotum’s removed from under his eyes?

  7. Still think we should give the evil old bastard to the Russians as a peace offering.

  8. All will be forgiven once he starts writing big checks.

  9. Rule for Radicals #4 Make the enemy live up to it’s own book of rules.

  10. @Anonymous June 13, 2018 at 9:24 am

    > we are watching the fall of the psychopaths

    Fall, you say? Maybe a Hillary skip. But they’ve got “people” to take care of that.

    Like the Republican Party? Who couldn’t rescind the blatantly unconstitutional (but open for self-betting with SCOTUS) DACA? Couldn’t repeal Obamacare (blatantly unconstitutional, but open for self-betting with SCOTUS)? Couldn’t “save” American jobs? Just couldn’t even… Unless they were given a secure majority of the federal House of Representatives. Oh? Thank?…you. But needed a secure majority of the federal Senate. Oh? Thank?…you. But needed the federal Presidency. Oh? Thank?…you. But need “new” “conservative” federal judiciary. Oh? Thank?…you. That we’ll have to approve? No. No! You know what? Fnck you! We’re Party members! Members in good standing! So, we’ll do The Party’s business, for the Party. That’s our business. Just like we’ve always done! Just like you always re-elected us for doing. Go tweet all you want. See how long The Party let’s you tweet. And then you can vote for who we let you vote for. Or not. It’s “your” choice (he he). So, fnck you!

    How many people on the right side of history will turn on, even just abandon, “their” great leaders? For saying they intend to do what they’ve always done? The acts that their “people” always supported them for?

  11. @PHenry June 13, 2018 at 10:19 am

    “All will be forgiven once he starts writing big checks.”

    You can keep your toxic masculine money!
    I’m running on my virtue!

  12. the dirtball JUNE 13, 2018 AT 10:08 AM
    Still think we should give the evil old bastard to the Russians as a peace offering.



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