Libertarian/Muslim groups urge private sponsorship of Syrian refugees in US

RefugeeResettlementWatch: Before I give you this latest turn of events reported by the Huffington Post’s Elise Foley*** let me say that we have advocated that if US citizens want to welcome impoverished third worlders that the refugees should be privately sponsored by churches, synagogues or other civic organizations or wealthy individuals—and I mean completely sponsored for a year or two until they found employment and were not a “public charge”  (completely self-sufficient with no food stamps, no subsidized housing, no free medical care, no cash assistance).


The whole concept of immigrants being welcomed into America at one time in our history centered around those who would not be dependent on the US taxpayer for anything—now refugees are dependent on us for virtually every aspect of their lives.

If individual sponsorship was required, the number we admitted to the US would then be determined by the willingness of Americans to shell out their own personal money for their charitable desires.

In other words, the availability of private charity would naturally limit the number of refugees admitted (it goes without saying that security screening would still be of paramount concern).

Private sponsorship on top of the existing Refugee Admissions Program!

This proposal drafted by a Libertarian think tank (!) and supported by a whole host of mostly Muslim organizations is not that—it is NOT complete private sponsorship.  More here

Snip: And the Weekly Standard wants some of that action, too?

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  1. Really, though, what better time to drown the US in a flood of utterly useless, unskilled workers, than during a prolonged economic downturn?

    This way they eat up the vital social services the unemployed Americans need, as well as undercut wages by working under the table in the black market labor pool – thus insuring that unemployed Americans are well and truly screwed.

    Thanks, Obama.

  2. The only ones who should be sponsoring Muslims are the Muslim countries. They have plenty of fat cat filthy rich cruds who should put the well-being of their fellow Muzzies before their own bloated bank accounts. Plus, there should be plenty of Muslim charities, being as how they are so modern and religious, to support every homeless and downtrodden Muzz on the planet!

  3. You can add to that list the fact that many immigrants send money home so it can stimulate someone else’s economy.

  4. why can’t some of them stay at obama’s house in Chicago since obama’s in our house for another year.
    some can stay in vj’s house since she lives in our house with obama.
    does nancy pelosi need fruit pickers for her grapes? some can stay in her house since we pay to house her in the most affluent part of dc already any way, right?

    I like were this could be going.

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