Life Expectancy Trending Downward

Babies born this year in America can expect to live 78.6 years on average, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. This marks the third year in a row of a decline in life expectancy for The United States, something not seen since the Spanish Flu epidemic of 100 years ago.

Increases in drug overdoses and suicide were the leading causes, followed by diabetes then flu and pneumonia. Called the “dismal disease” by some, the rapid rise in drug deaths and suicide are preventable, self inflicted and driven by an underlying malaise that has swept the middle and lower classes. More 

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  1. Too many people are searching for something that modern society cannot deliver. It’s not material things; we live in an age with unprecedented material advantages – even our poor have food, shelter and clothing, not to mention smart phones, color televisions, computers and cars. Politicians promise to deliver stuff, but we already have a lot of stuff and more stuff doesn’t seem to make us happier.

    The great lie of liberalism, socialism and communism is that if you support these systems, your life will be fulfilling because the government will take care of you. But just the exact opposite happens – your life is not fulfilling because someone gives you stuff, it is fulfilling because you are continually searching for whatever it is that motivates you. As the old adage goes, it isn’t the destination – it’s the journey that’s important. Look at teenagers – while in high school living at home, most of them have whatever they need provided by their parents; they should be happy yet what they really want is to go out and experience life.

    When the lottery gets huge, I dream about what it would be like to be handed hundreds of millions of dollars just for buying a lucky ticket. But after dreaming about what house I would buy, or what cars I would acquire, or where I would travel to, the dreams end and all of a sudden that sudden wealth doesn’t seem so important because I would have whatever stuff I wanted. Suppressing, or even killing your dreams, hopes and aspirations is far more depressing or deadly than not having stuff, but that is what our culture leaders say we want.

  2. The downward trend in life expectancy is due to the same causes as the decrease in average height, decrease in average I.Q., and the increase in average weight of Americans: The influx of third-world “immigrants” that have polluted the gene pool. Nice work, Ted Kennedy!

  3. Eight years of Obama further normalizing and pushing Marxism/progressivism produced this, and it isn’t a laughing matter. It is not only the length of life it also negatively affects almost every aspect of quality of life for NORMAL people. For perverts and freaks it may improve their quality of life, but for normal people it is destructive.

  4. Wyatt, you deserve 1,000 TUs!

    My dream is to be an independently wealthy philanthropist. Independently wealthy because I would make the choices of who and what receive my gifts. Philanthropist in that I would fund good causes and even develop some of my own.

    Until that happens (like, never), I will continue to support worthy causes/people as much as possible and live my life as best I can as it has been given to me by God for as long as he gives me.

  5. Seeing everything you believed in destroyed and the hopelessness of being unable to effect anything to stop it has many in deep despair.

  6. Sitting around eating fast foods, sodas, etc. and not exercising has its toll. Look at the fat slobs with their grocery carts full of junk foods. I have to get size small shirts to get the equivalent of what used to be a medium. Look at the racks of X, XL, XXL,XXXL, etc.
    We work out at the gym 3 -5 times a week,. I do approximately 2500 miles a year on Fitbit.
    We eat natural foods (lots of fruits and nuts and limited or no artificial ingredients).
    I’m 72 and can run circles around people half my age.


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