Life in prison for selling a gram of weed?


 A Louisiana man serving life for selling less than a gram of weed is about to see the light of day, CNN reports. Prosecutors have agreed to free Derek Harris, a military veteran who was arrested in 2008 for selling an officer less than $30 of marijuana. In a Louisiana Supreme Court hearing last month, Harris argued that his legal team fumbled the case by not challenging his sentence. Seems his original lawyer had failed to tell the judge, Durwood Conque, that he was obligated to hand down a shorter sentence if the mandatory minimum “shocks the conscience,” per the Times-Picayune.


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  1. While the war on drugs is a certified failure, the fact is he was sentenced under habitual offender guidelines. Will he come out and be a contributing member of society? Oh sure, he’ll probably go to school to be a doctor.

  2. I wish prisons were actual drug rehabilitation and reform factories, instead of making people crazy then unleashing them back into society factories.


    There was a Florida drag net program giving away FAKE winning lottery tickets to capture hard to find crooks. Well, they netted a bunch, and the police comments were, “These people never learn, they keep committing the same crimes over again.”

    NO SHIT! Let’s see,

    They can NOT be hired with a criminal record.
    They have no education (their fault I know).
    Addicted to drugs.
    Addicted to MORE drugs while in prison.
    Learned how to hustle in prison.
    No federal student loans available to felons.

    WHAT IN THE HELL DO YOU EXPECT? Of course they are going to be recidivists. Cops just scratch their heads, “Why don’t they starve to death and die instead of selling drugs all over again to survive? I don’t get it!”

  3. Drugs are a tool of the left to rot out this country, anyone who supports them legalized wants to see the nation fall.

  4. @Anonymous AUGUST 10, 2020 AT 3:38 AM
    “Drugs are a tool of the left to rot out this country, anyone who supports them legalized wants to see the nation fall.”
    Yup. Keep the populace stupid and they keep voting democrat. Increase homelessness. Anyone who supports legalization of drugs has never seen children living in filth because of drug-addeled parents.

    When Oregon legalized pot, my corner of the state was already turning purple, but then the low-life dirt-bags moved in. Pot stores on every corner, every piece of rural property is now growing marijuana with it’s stench. Instead of eliminating crime, crime has increased, homelessness has increased, child abuse has increased, meth and heroine use have increased, and the area is now blue. Fuck your drug legalization.


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