Life Inside the “Islamic State”

A man who grew up in the capital of the Islamic State, Raqqa, tells what it’s like being subjected to Islamo-totalitarians.


Like any tyrants, re-education and fear of the random application of arbitrary justice is the center of daily life.

This is part four.


Part one, when the tyrants take the city Here

Here’s another animated account of what the Islamo-fascist are doing to the people the rule.





5 Comments on Life Inside the “Islamic State”

  1. “random application of arbitrary justice is the center of daily life.”

    This is when you start shooting them in their back yards when they are firing up the grill. Spare the wife, the children. Then do the same to everybody that works for them.

    On their way to work in their cars, on the subway, in the bathroom at the store.

    Get ’em all, one at a time.

    Shut up, don’t brag, don’t network. Shut up. Don’t tell your spouse, don’t tell your buddy. Don’t tell God, he already knows and is proud of you.

  2. It’ll be here soon.

    …….and I’ll also be here, ready to martyr them for their goat god – despite the fact that I live in the anti-gun, fascist state of California.

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