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Lifelong Dem Politician From Flint, Michigan Endorses The President


Maurice Davis, a lifelong Democrat who serves as vice president of the Flint, Michigan, city council, endorsed President Donald Trump for re-election on Wednesday ahead of a speech by Vice President Mike Pence in a visit to the city. more

5 Comments on Lifelong Dem Politician From Flint, Michigan Endorses The President

  1. This election shouldn’t even be close. It’s the criminal element, and election fraudsters that make it seem close. If they steal this election there will be trouble in the streets in the town of New Haven. Last few words stolen from a Doors song.

  2. I kept thinking that some leftists would eventually wake up. Develop a gag reflex or cross the line on cognitive dissonance. This is encouraging.

  3. As soon as I read the header I knew I was going to see a black guy.

    I think the dems are going to be shocked by the number of blacks that are going to be voting for Trump. It takes a few to break the ice and then the flood comes.

  4. I was just reading an article on Breitbart about Minnesota and Biden stopping there as the latest poll numbers show Biden just under 4% ahead of Trump.

    That honestly does not surprise me, I was surprised the two different trips I took through Minnesota that there were so many Trump signs in yards. The last trip I was blown away because for miles, homes on the side of the highway were nothing but Trump signs, with two Biden signs mixed in.

    I talked to locals there and asked them if we were just in a conservative part of the state and was told sort of, but it’s still always close and 4 years ago there were a lot less signs and 8 years it was the opposite, all Obama signs with a few Romney mixed in.

    I’ve kept in touch with some of them and they keep telling me even they are surprised at how many are openly voting for Trump and that local numbers are showing Trump winning.

    I think anyone who has ever paid attention to elections knows that what we’re seeing is unheard of. People don’t form their own rallies/parades, etc. for candidates like this. A fair election and this would be a blow out, even an unfair election I’m not so sure it won’t be a blow out.

    They’re throwing it all out there at us right now, even in red states trying to scare us that the virus is going to get us. Knowing the majority of us laugh at their masks, they’re really harping on masks to go vote. Some election boards attempting to make it mandatory to wear a mask to vote. They think that will keep us away, they’re full of shit. I have not once put a mask on and have said since the beginning there is only one place I would wear a mask and that is to see a family member in the nursing home, but I will add if that is the only way they let me vote is to put on one their masks, I will wear their mask and then sue them for violating both my Constitutional and State Constitutional rights, but I will vote if I have to crawl over broken glass.


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