Lift up the Rocks and See the Snakes

American Thinker:
By Clarice Feldman

As media polls continue to mislead about the state of the presidential race, there are many reasons to believe the Democrats are crazed with fear that they will be trounced more soundly this time — as they should be, given their nominees. Here are some indicators to me: The majority of voters think they are better off now than they were four years ago; the crowds at Trump rallies are enormous and Biden can barely pull a 10-person minyan; outside of university towns there are few Biden-Harris signs up, but American flags (a safe sign when Trump signs would be stolen) are seen waving on front lawns and guns are flying off the shelves to people who have lost faith in their elected local officials to protect them. There are more, of course, but believe what the media would call your own lying eyes.

The President has been fighting idiotic policies and corruption bit by bit across both aisles, but it’s hard to find any institution that could pass a smell test. This week is no exception. We learned the Department of Defense has been forcing the troops to undergo anti-American propaganda; the VOA had peddled a video of Biden attacking the police and calling for jihad; and the Commission on Presidential Debates has ruined its reputation forever and is likely to never again be seen after this year.

The Department of Defense

Judicial Watch filed a FOIA to force the Pentagon to disclose its training manual. If you are not shocked to read what almost $20 million of your tax money has been paying for, I’d be surprised. Here are some tidbits to give you the tenor of this outrageous program which is inflammatory anti-white, anti-heterosexual, anti-American propaganda at its very core.  I cannot imagine what could destroy troop cohesion and morale more than this program does: more

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  1. Everything Clarice says about the Republicans trouncing is legitimate.
    But even a Rasmussen poll shows the Democrats winning everything.
    I am scared.
    Literally scared.

  2. I pray that this is only the head of the snake bouncing around after being cut off – the swamp still has some bogs, moss, muddy water, and quicksand left in it to trap those stupid (or naïve) enough to not see it.

    Orange man still has some work to do.

  3. Keep in mind: this battle has always been in the spiritual realm and God fights for us on the side of Good. Let’s see the aresenal the serpent of evil has against that.

    Romans 8:28 ESV / 13 helpful votes
    And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.

    In early August of 2016, when the pollsters, media, #NeverTrump-ers, and all the rest were telling us there was no way Trump would be president, and everyday we were hearing how clinton was going to win by 95% — while she hid out in her own mountain fastness at Chapawqua, and while the media covered for her shocking spasms and fainting spells — even while Trump was doing 7-10 rallies (not Manhattan fundraisers) a week, I had a prophetic dream.

    It was a dream of a great wedding. Everyone there was filled with joy and they were excited to be there to witness this great marriage even though no one knew who was getting married. At the appropriate time the crowd settled down with excited anticipation and the happy whispering died down. Out stepped the bridegroom, Donald J. Trump. His bride? America. It wasn’t a carnival atmosphere, but the crowd erupted at this revelation with the realization of this solemn vow.

    From then on I knew. I KNEW God had given me His answer to the prayers of the faithful. I spent the next three-odd months on the phones to voters across the country from morning to night, never once having even a flicker of concern over polls and pollsters.

    On election night, while continuing to make calls from Seattle’s (hidden) Trump headquarters, our county leader’s husband called from the road. They were stuck in evening commute traffic and his wife was crying and near-hysteria. She’d been listening to all the naysayers on national radio all day and was convinced Trump was going down in flames.

    When she arrived at HQs, she was as white as a sheet, red-eyed and absolutely convinced that Trump was losing. I’ll never forget it. There were only a half dozen or so people there at HQ that last day. I took her by the hand and asked the rest to join us. “Our Father who art in heaven…” we prayed as He instructed us to.

    As the time for counting the vote neared, we wrapped up our business there and made plans to meet at a Snohomish (way out of Seattle) sports bar where the volunteers crowded into a section of the place with our Trump signs and hats and watched the television screens. Nearly everyone thought they were there to console each other. As they continued to call important states for Trump and after it seemed certain he would carry the day, a couple of local news affiliates wondered aloud about why we weren’t tearing the place up in our excitement. One of them asked me why we weren’t gloating (or words to that effect). I told her, “Because we don’t need to spike the ball.” In my heart and mind it was never that close a race.

    And it’s not today, sure as I’m sitting here writing this.

    I’ve been praying to God these past four years, asking Him to protect our president, to give him the courage and the wisdom to lead us; to give him the heart and the eyes to see Him clearly and to listen to Him.

    Interestingly, but not surprisingly, POTUS Trump has been giving us the same message that God has given me these past four years: “Remain faithful and carry on.” In two seperate realms, in America and in God’s house, two entities have been telling me the same thing: have faith and calmly run the race set before you, for all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.

  4. Our Constitutional Federal Republic (as opposed to “democracy”) is sound as long as We, the People, display a bit of sense. Ms. Feldman is completely correct in everything written – but – BUT – it is difficult to ignore the simple fact of our absolute submission to the Wuhan Flu Hoax and the accompanying economic suicide at the hands of the Demonrats and the Media.

    There is something pathological in our response to a seasonal flu.
    There is something subservient (a rarity for most of our history) in our allowing ourselves to be bamboozled by the likes of Fauci, Birx, Cuomo, Whitmer, and a host of other supporting liars. The CDC itself claims that less than 10,000 died of the Kung Flu but we still persist in masking and succumbing to fear-mongering. We seem more receptive to lies. The more absurd the lie, the better, apparently. Harris can contradict herself (at the “debate” for instance) within minutes, at the same venue, and the media ignores it (repeal the Trump tax cuts but not raise taxes).
    We seem schizophrenic at the best of times.

    I hope she’s right.

    izlamo delenda est …

  5. Headline off the Washington Times.

    Coronavirus restrictions drive Democrats to back Trump in Pennsylvania

    If it’s happening there, it’s happening in CA, OR, WA, NY, NJ…

    Not just the year of the Trumplicans, the year of the Trumpocrats.

  6. With all the polls indicating a landslide victory for Biden, and with the Leftists believing them, I wonder how they will react if it goes the other way and Trump takes it hands down?

    Will they just accept it and live with it the same way they did last time, with the majority remaining civil and behaving themselves or will they act badly and try to disrupt the process with disorderly actions on a large scale?

    Same question might go for the Right side of the aisle as well, but I think the answer would be somewhat different for them than for the Left.

  7. Bobcat
    OCTOBER 12, 2020 AT 7:42 AM
    “Speaking of Snakes…Creepshow Joe is thinking about Andrew Cuomo for AG…

    Truly a Confederacy of Dunces.”

    …we always say they’re stupid, but they are wealthier than us, more powerful than us, are above the very laws they use to send US to jail, bankruptcy, or both, decide when our elderly can have visitors and what diseases they can be exposed to, and they never had to WORK a day in their LIFE for it as they simply help themselves to OUR earnings whenever, wherever, and however they see fit even as they tell us when we can go outside, where we can eat, and what we have to wear when we DO, all the while making it a crime to even defend ourselves althogh they let US pay for their heavily armed security details.

    …so tell me again just WHO the stupid ones are here…

  8. Pray, talk to people about our country’s danger, work for good candidates and donate what you can then pray some more.


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