Lighthizer Announces 100% Countervailing Duties on $2.4 Billion of French Products

CTH: The synergy, flow and timing of the U.S. trade and economic team is just a marvel; a brilliant assembly of perfectly in-tune economic and trade professionals.

As President Trump touched down in the U.K. to attend the two-day NATO summit, United States Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer announces the completion of a Section 301 review of France’s Digital Services Tax (DST).

After determining the value of the French tax on U.S. internet services at $2.4 billion; Lighthizer announces a 100%  countervailing duty on a carefully selected $2.4 billion in French imports.

Obviously the agenda for the bilateral NATO meeting between U.S. President Trump and French President Emmanuel Macron just changed.  LOL, you have to love Team USA.

Oh, but wait, wait… it gets better….

10 Comments on Lighthizer Announces 100% Countervailing Duties on $2.4 Billion of French Products

  1. The rest of the world: “It’s OK for us to tax you, but you are just supposed to take it. You aren’t supposed to tax us!”

  2. These organizations. Created by The Party. Existing at the whim of The Party. Run by anything but Americans. Buying the invasion of The United States, by The Rule of Law™, from The Party. Buying “matters” not “crimes”, for their “differently” documented invaders (beyond the numbers bought by The Rule of Law™), from The Party (none dare call it bribes). Washing billions through themselves, back to The Party (according to The Rule of Law™).

    And Americans are going to pump their fists, and cheer, when the French squad (of The Party) tries to grab an extra handful from the pot, so The United States squad does the same? For great justice!

    Americans are silly creatures.

  3. Any program that’s harmful to the French is good solid policy. In the western world the French are the equivalent of a vermin infestation and are long overdue for a comeuppance.


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