Lightweight Lori: Tough on gay sunbathers, weak on looters

Patriot Retort: It appears Karma decided to make Lightweight Lori Lightfoot its bitch.

Over the weekend the lightweight mayor of Chicago got all bug-eyed and angry at gay residents enjoying a little weekend fun in the sun by Lake Michigan.

“It’s called a pandemic, people.”

Don’t make Lori angry!  You won’t like Lightweight Lori when she’s angry!

She’s tough on gay sunbathers, yes sir!  And if those scantily-clad boys insist on hanging out on the lakefront in the hot summer sun, Lightweight Lori will have no choice but to shut down the parks and lakefront!

See what you made her do, you gay sunbathing guys!!

And the very next day, Karma made its move.

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  1. Perhaps those black (OH! Pardon me!”African-American”!) paragons of virtue, patriotism, integrity, concern for Western Civilization and justice, Obama, Sharpton, Jackson, Waters, Harris and Bass can counsel her to save her from further embarrassing “mistakes”.

  2. You’re not supposed to expect certain types of elected officials to actually do anything. They are parading and champions for diversity, not ability.

  3. Most lesbians hate homosexual men. Jealousy perhaps. I never studied the reasons, because it all is irrational. .

  4. My lesbian niece once said; “I don’t see how two guys could possibly enjoy having sex together”.

    I suppose that’s a natural response from the other side of the aisle where you are oblivious to anything not in YOUR norm.

  5. Washington DC mayor Mayor Muriel E. Bowser is challenging Lori Lightweight for the dumb priorities lead.

    After 21 people were shot over the weekend Mayor Bowser apparently issued a statement about zero-tolerance for such activities.

    NO. Not what you’d think – zero-tolerance for the shootings. Nope. It was zero-tolerance for large gathering and failing to wear a mask or social distance. .

    “But speaking from the scene of Sunday’s shooting, Bowser indicated law enforcement may have to be more aggressive.

    “It’s very important that as a community we have a zero-tolerance for this activity,” Bowser said, noting police will have to make some “difficult decisions” and “break up these events.”

    Bowser added, “And the community is going to have to understand that some people may have to go to jail.

    “We know it’s summer time, people have been cooped up and they don’t have a lot of places to go,” Bowser said. “There have been cookouts that have happened peacefully for years and years that are spinning out of control.”

    D.C. Council Chairman Phil Mendelson (D) said enforcing social distancing at such events presents a quandary for authorities — as well as party-goers, who should not feel like police are a hindrance…”

    Let’s see. — Cookouts are spinning out of control. But shooting are not spinning out of control?


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