Like The Guy Who Shaves Your Ankles Before Your Electrocution, This Woman Is There To Help You

I’m pretty sure Vicki isn’t an XX. (And I’m not talking about a sweater size.) ((I do believe that’s Alan Sherman in purple lipstick.))(((I could be wrong, though.)))


A Sunday feature from the BBC highlighted a woman with a macabre career: abortion doula.

The BBC interviewed Vicki Bloom, a doula who has reassured women through abortions—more than 2,000 of them.

Typically, doulas aid women as they undergo the childbirth process, but in Bloom’s case, she helps women as they abort their children.

“I will stand up by their head and be looking into that person’s eyes, ready for whatever they need, while the doctor is doing the procedure,” Bloom said.

Some of the things that abortion doulas do involve talking with the women about their lives, holding their hands, comforting them and wiping away sweat or tears. She said many talk about their children.


Do they talk about their child who is getting a saline burn before being sucked out of the womb piece by piece?

h/t “let me help you kill your baby”


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  1. Her Quote “I was a science geek, so I came away knowing a lot more about the biology of pregnancy, but also came out feeling very strongly that women should be able to safely do what they need to take care of themselves, without other people or THE GOVERNMENT INTERFERING.” Fine, then why do I (The Owner of the Govt.); have to PAY FOR IT?!”

  2. I don’t even want to know. She is evil personified and doesn’t even know it. I have no words to describe just how much this evil woman is so deluded that she thinks she’s performing a needed but ghoulish service to women undergoing an abortion. She is indeed a very ugly woman both in her physical appearance and in her spirit, she could be a Harpy for all I know.

  3. What the BBC didn’t report was her admission that every morning, when she looks in the mirror, she wishes her own mom had aborted her.

  4. …I wonder if there really is a ‘special’ place in Hell for those who delight themselves in the slaughter of babies… I would guess yes, but I suppose I’ll have to wait til I can ask God about it (If I even care anymore by then.)

    Meanwhile this sad, pathetic vile bitch will find out first hand, no doubt.


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