Limbaugh: ‘Search-and-Destroy Mission’ Against Roy Moore Is Really About Mitch McConnell Sending Steve Bannon a Message

We mustn’t upset the turtle.

Breitbart: Tuesday on his nationally syndicated radio show, conservative talker Rush Limbaugh said the recent sexual misconduct allegations aimed at former Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore had been inspired by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), who had backed Moore’s former opponent Sen. Luther Strange (R-AL) in the earlier primary contests.

Limbaugh explained how it was his opinion those charges were meant to send a message to former Donald Trump chief strategist and Breitbart chief executive Steve Bannon, who has publicly said he seeks to take on all Republicans that back McConnell as Senate Majority Leader.

“Whether Judge Moore did the deed or deeds or not, what’s really happening here folks, if you really want to know – it’s a multi-faceted search-and-destroy mission here,” Limbaugh said. “But what’s really driving this – do not doubt me about this. But what’s really driving this is Mitch McConnell saying to Steve Bannon, ‘Really? You think you’re going to get your guys elected? You think you are going to get your guys elected and me kicked out of here? Really? Seriously? OK, watch this.’”  Read  here.

11 Comments on Limbaugh: ‘Search-and-Destroy Mission’ Against Roy Moore Is Really About Mitch McConnell Sending Steve Bannon a Message

  1. It’s a hellofa much bigger than just McTurtle’ getting even with Bannon. MAGA and trillions are at stake, and the turtle and swamp don’t want MAGA . Theywanttheir trillions.

    Here”s the clincher in the article:

    “Example: Remember when the Senate voted unanimously to block President Trump from making recess appointments? That rule required “unanimity”, a single Republican senator could block the Senate from handcuffing President “

  2. Warning to all males that reached maturity during that 70s, 80s and 90s. All of those indiscretions are fine if you tow the party line. Challenge the establishment and you are fooked.

  3. I call bs on that. The establishment could care less if a democrat wins the seat, better someone who works with them on their shared goals. McTurtle could honestly care less about Bannon, just like every other single Senate Republican and 90% of Congressional Republicans. They care about their goals and they are shooting a warning shot to us, we can’t defeat the uniparty. They will destroy who we choose.

    I still say they will loose this battle, but they intend to win the war. This is what we can expect across the country and we can’t win every battle.

  4. McConnell is nothing more than a slimy and corrupt puppet for the international business interests in this country and has no clue the extent of how much he’s loathed outside of Washington. He is leading the cabal to overturn the election results and that will not be tolerated.

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