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LIMBAUGH: Trump Wants To Stand By And Do Nothing And Let Obamacare IMPLODE

RUSH: As I listen to Trump, you know what I think he wants? I think he wants to stand aside and do nothing. I think he wants this thing to implode because I think he wants it to run its course.

He said this enough times. How many times has Donald Trump said, “You know, the political thing to do is just stand by doing nothing. Just let this thing crash and then the Democrats get to blame for it ’cause it’s their bill! But the minute we put a fix on and attach our names to it, then it’s all on us.” You’ll note that in hardly any reference to this does anybody ever call it Trumpcare. You notice? And nobody calls it Republicancare.

It’s still Obamacare, and I expect the Democrats to try to do something about that nomenclature before very long.

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  1. I had to change plans every year since this started. I’m down to one option and not one of my doctors are in the network this is available to me. No doubt there are millions like me.

  2. When it fails, they’ll blame Trump for not doing
    anything and the media will pick that message up like
    it came from the voice of GOD himself. Watch.

  3. I’d rather let it fail than substitute it with another fail waiting to happen.

    But I wish they would just repeal Obamacare and replace it with the free market.

  4. Joe, in my zip code I have one provider. That provider decided not to pay claims to the hospital in my county for a few months, so for a few months nobody was insured. Only government can create that kind of idiocy.

    Maybe in a few more years…..

  5. Politically that would be smart but the President will not do that. He understands, like I do that if we do not act now there will be no health insurance carriers left in the individual market next year. That is simply not an option to pursue, especially for my many clients who are battling Cancer and other debilating illnesses. This is not a game. The situation is dire and the time to act is now. Moreover, there are MANY reasons that health care policy experts such as myself, Betsy Mccaughey and others support the GOP Obamacare replacement plan. I list a few of them here >

  6. We need to reincentivize insurance carriers to come BACK and this bill and the coming massive roll back of Obamacare regulations by Dr. Price will do that. Without health insurers it’s the V.A. or Medicaid for all and that would be a nightmare. Just ask anyone unfortunate enough to have to deal with those to bureacratic nightmares.

  7. It certainly is an option, and a smart one. All your clients battling cancer are already insured and cannot be cancelled. If they get cancelled because the company goes out of business, then they get free medicaid.

  8. Yes, let it fail but no matter what, someone needs to bash Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts up the head with his tax or fine-whatever the bastard wants to call it these days.

  9. The way to reincentivize insurance carriers to come back is to have the government get the eff out of the way. It’s hard to do when they are either still screwing each other or spooning afterwords.

  10. Amidst the green energy programs, shovel ready jobs, King making coups overseas, obama’s apology tours, killing King Coal, high unemployment, increased taxes, his non stimulus packages, divisions between the rich and poor, black and white, Christians and islam, alienating our allies and funding exorbitant costly vacations, Deceit, deception,fraud , arrogance, no transparency, insider deals, non-bpartisan politic of destruction Waste, corruption, No bid contracts contracts, Egypt, Yemen, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, North Korea, supporting and funding ISIS Terrorists and numerous breaches of intelligence.

    Obamacare may very well Obama’s cradle of obama of glory’s.

  11. A long way since a ‘Doctor’ delivering a baby cost a weeks food, IOW a chicken. Most of these ‘Doctors’ can go heal themselves, and the Industry that perpetuates it.

    The Medical–Industrial Complex is one of the largest frauds in current existence.

    Sorry csteventucker, but it needs to be said, Out Loud.

  12. Trumps a pretty smart guy. His “people” can’t agree on a solution. The opposition party keeps harping “save it”. Trump should appoint Chucky and Pelosi to save it. Steven Tucker, I think you’re dead wrong.

  13. So, it is either single payer or insurance companies, huh? Just who in the hell came up with that idea, the government and insurance companies? Screw both of y’all. Without a federal government, neither would exist…but the rest of us do…

  14. Steven Tucker, this bill does nothing other than enshrine Obamacare and put all the blame when Obamacare fails (since this plan is nothing more than Obamacare 2.0) on the Republicans and Trump. Obamacare becomes conservative legislation.

    Screw that.

  15. The gist of all my reading on this subject is that step 1 of the plan can pass (under budget reconciliation) with 51 votes and it will just nibble around the edges of the Obamacare rules and regs and result in a slightly less repulsive version of Obamacare.

    Step 2 – Tom Price will eliminate many if not most of the most onerous regs as HHS secretary , but it will be fought all the way by dems, and Dr, Price may not be able to get rid of all the regs and rules that he needs to.

    Step 3 which would supposedly replace Obamacare with something better will supposedly require 60 votes in the senate to pass, so I personally see that as highly unlikely on both counts (that it will pass at all and that the end result will be significantly better than Obamacare if 8 or more dems are in favor of it).

    My fear (and I would guess many other people’s) is that at the end of this process, the republicans in congress will end up with a half-assed, ridiculously expensive, government-centric, patient-unfriendly excuse of a plan that closely resembles Obamacare and really won’t do anything to lower costs or increase the quality of actual care. Then they’ll be held responsible by the press for the far less than optimal result even if it is slightly better.

    I would like to believe differently, but the past history of untrustworthy vermin like Paul Ryan and his gormless cohorts in actually accomplishing what they claim they will speaks volumes against expecting this to result in what they claim it will at the end of the process.

    I personally don’t see why it would be so difficult to get back to where we were before Obamacare was rammed down our throats considering that it was only 6 years ago. Then better solutions could be implemented from that starting point rather than the monstrosity we have now.

    @C. Steven – please explain why we should expect these jerks in congress to actually accomplish what they claim they will this time. I’m not trying to be antagonistic here – it’s just that we’ve been lied to too many times in the past by these same people (we absolutely won’t increase the debt ceiling, if you give us the power we will REPEAL Obamacare completely, yada, yada, yada).

  16. Csteventucker,

    I often wonder how people managed back in the old days when this country wasn’t like it is today?

    How did people manage? People got sick and they either got better or they didn’t. Life went on. Life had dignity.

    The doctors won’t go away or disappear into the wind. The insurers might go away though. Insurance is a scam just like Climate Change is a scam. They both do the same thing.

    They create a sense of entitlement and guilt simultaneously in order to empty our pockets into their pockets, and then when it comes time to collect there’s always some kind of ‘miscommunication’ or ‘circumstances unforeseen’ that somehow prevent the people that paid into it in good faith from receiving the ‘benefit’.

    But have no fear, because we’ll “FIX” it this time. (eye roll)

    This country needs a barium enema of the political kind.

  17. No Steven, the doctor’s that had the knowledge saved their lives. The insurance was only a hindrance. The doctors have taken an oath to help the sick and to do no harm in the practice of their duties.

    Does the insurance dictate to the doctor who he can help or not? I think it does.

    We need to get back to basics.

  18. Steven Tucker, I can only imagine what it’s like for you to deal with hopeless clients, and I feel for you and them. DJT’s only way out of this is to let it fail. God help the poor people caught in the middle of this left wing insanity. Tell me where I’m wrong.

  19. I don’t need to read the bill because the premise is fundamentally wrong in my opinion.

    The premise being fed to America is that government belongs in charge of our lives.

    Most of the republicans are being exposed as democrats in case you haven’t noticed. It’s the conservatives that are fighting the good fight right now, and there’s only a handful of them.

    Most of the government doesn’t represent us anymore. We are chattel to them. They don’t work for us, we work for them.

    Anything that’s passed short of a stand alone REPEAL of Obamacare is UNSAT.

  20. C. Steven – I really would like to believe that President Trump (man, I like typing that) won’t fall for the redefinition of the word “repeal” that is being pushed by Paul Ryan, et. al. However, from what I read and hear from him, I’m not sure he currently grasps the shell game that the congressional backstabbers are playing. But Trump himself has intimated that there are parts of Obamacare that he likes and wants to keep. Maybe he does see it for what it is and we can trust that if congress tries to play him that he will do what needs to be done in eliminating Obamacare in its entirety.

    That’s why I think a clean repeal is the best outcome for everyone including a Trump White House. In this way, the starting point for negotiations is redefined to a more favorable position than starting from a horrible bargaining position where a few have their premiums completely paid for by others in the plan. We’ll never win by trying to appease a vocal but small group of people who refuse to be appeased under any circumstances. The few million that actually are satisfied with their Obamacare policies (those that have their premiums heavily subsidized) could even be accommodated temporarily until a much better private enterprise solution for everyone is in place.

    I would think that even those that currently think they like Obamacare (not medicaid) at this point could be swayed by having insurance they could actually afford without huge subsidies and that would actually allow them to get medical care without having to pay $5k, or $10k or more out of their own pockets before the “insurance” actually started paying for some of their medical care.

  21. Obamacare was designed to fail. But the democrats believed they would still be in power when it failed. At that point they would be able to continue to their ultimate goal which has always been the holy grail—single payer. A funny thing happened on the way. Let’s hope we can capitalize on it (pun intended).

  22. CST,

    You have real skin in this game so your position is understandable. We appreciate that.

    But we live in an suicidally stupid society. Pain is the only thing the truly stupid can ever understand, and they are legion.

    Let it implode. The pieces can be picked up after everyone sees what comes of socialism.

    The Left will blame the implosion on Trump. I’m…this is news? It’s a given. The way things are going now with the Republicans, people will be able to blame them and by extension Trump for whatever happens with “replace.”


    I hope Trump stamps VETO on anything the Republicans send him that is not flat-out repeal. We’ll recover from whatever damage results with, hopefully, some fools little wiser for having believed the lying Left.

  23. “Because Bubba’s Brother, they are now working for President Trump who WILL keep his promise to repeal and replace Obamacare either by regular order or otherwise.” – CST

    Riiiiiiiight. And if you believe THAT (especially about a§$h*les like McCain, Graham, Ryan, McConnell, Murkowski, etc etc), I’ve got a gold-plated enema bag to sell ya.

    You clearly know oodles about medicine, but you really don’t seem to know sh!t about politics.

    “Working” to UNDERMINE and SABOTAGE Trump would be more like it!

  24. Let it crash and burn until it is a smoldering lump of sh!t. Let the idiots see who and what liberals can do. Nothing.

  25. @csteventucker March 15, 2017 at 12:56 am

    > if we do not act now there will be no health insurance carriers left in the individual market

    That would be highly disruptive. But, at worst, there would be no “as currently structured” carriers. Because that business model is predicated on the current, completely government created, medical business model. If one, or the other, fails, the feedback loop collapses with it. So should the incestuous loop be eternally fed? If not, are the American people better off allowing the medical industry to painfully, haltingly adapt to the withdrawal of the insurance industry from this market, or to the insurance industry targeting other revenue streams after the medical industry is gone?

  26. Can anyone point to an article in the Constitution that enumerates these powers to the federal government?
    Then there is this: The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people…just say’in.

  27. In a free marketplace, that which fails creates a vacuum that will be filled by those who can do a better job.
    Obamacare will leave a Yuuuge Vacuum, primarily because it just can’t suck enough, but once it implodes, all it really means is plenty of OPPORTUNITY!
    Kinda like the deregulation of the Phone Company in 1982, only an order of magnitude larger.

  28. @C Steven Tucker March 15, 2017 at 2:23 am

    > I can’t STAND intellectual laziness.

    When the articles of faith of the author(s) are “I lie. It’s my job. Now, shut up and pay me!”, believeing that what is written will come to pass, will only be in spite of the best efforts of the author(s), is not “intellectual laziness”. It is faith in human nature.

  29. Repeal ObolaCare.
    First and Foremost.
    Period. Done.

    Then pass whatever “useful” legislation “needs” to be passed.
    The FedGov’s only concern is to ensure that there is equity (fairness) in the relationships amongst the players. It is beyond the scope of gov’t to “guarantee” medical insurance for every citizen (once it is “guaranteed” it is no longer “insurance” but “entitlement”).

    The Mensheviks (RINOs and “centrist” Republicans) are adopting this socialized medicine scam because of the vast power over the lives of the citizenry it deposits into the laps of the politically connected – thus opening the door (further) to corruption.

    izlamo delenda est …

  30. I don’t think Trump will just stand by and let Obamacare fail without pushing an alternative – it doesn’t seem to be Trump’s nature. Trump knows Obamacare is doomed to failure, and actually the Democrats knew this as well because they quickly passed an ill-conceived major piece of legislation knowing it had to be fixed to be workable – this is what Pelosi’s “we need to pass it to see what’s in it” statement means.

    Even if a replacement system is enacted, I think Trump knows that it must rely heavily on free market principles because allowing bureaucracies, with their institutional blinders and probable corruption at some level, to administer universal health care is a recipe for disaster. Liberals want single payer, but with single payer there is no incentive to improve the system, so what we have now will likely be the best it will ever be.

    It’s nice to say “just stand back and let it burn,” but there are too many people who have been harmed by Obamacare, including people who objected to the system, to allow this.

  31. Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness
    Health, Wealth, and the Guaranty of Entitlement.
    Choose wisely.

  32. I have family members that I am tired of doing “battle” with. They are never going to let go of their belief in Obamacare unless it personally causes them anguish. It needs to crash so the non-thinkers can feel it.

  33. Tsunami, I cannot have an intellectual debate on policy if you’re not willing to read the legislation. It’s a complete and utter waste of my time. It’s like trying to communicate with the Left which is basically like banging your head against an iron wall. I encourage you to READ it. If you’re not willing to there is no reason for you and I to continue communicating on this issue.

  34. No, it’s laziness Anonymous. If you’re not willing to even read the legislation and instead rely on talking points from amateurs and those with an agenda, that IS textbook intellectual laziness. We Conservatives SHOULD be better than that. Sadly, far too many of us are not. That’s how disgusting lies like Rand Paul’s “the individual mandate is still in there!” and Daniel Horowitz’s “the bill gives benefits to ILLEGALS” are allowed to spread like horse manure on a open field. It’s embarassing that so many on our side are this lazy.

  35. “United Healthcare has already exited after losing more than a billion dollars. Aetna exited after losing more than half a billion dollars and Humana now has wisely exited the marketplace as well in most states.”

    Just a question – money doesn’t simply disappear.
    What happened to the money?

    Not trying to be a smartass, here, but it had to end up in somebody’s pocket.
    And there is certainly a difference between policy and philosophy – and, philosophically speaking, the FedGov should get the heck out of “medicine” – and if one is opposed philosophically, then a policy argument is moot.

    izlamo delenda est …

  36. Tim, that money was largely lost on paying out more claims than premiums received. In addition, much if was also paid out to their COMPETITORS via the RIDICULOUS and entirely Communist “Three R’s” provision of Obamacare where health insurers that were more profitable than others were forced to redistribute their profits TO. THEIR. COMPETITORS!

  37. @csteventucker March 15, 2017 at 11:14 am

    At least call me racist. If I read every letter of the proposed bill, if I memorize every symbol of the proposed bill, I know it has zero (not effectively zero, but mathematically zero) chance of being passed, through all required hands, in that state. Then the sovereign circus clowns in black will rewrite the leftovers. Then the regulators will do as they please, as they are a better than law unto themselves. But at least I’ll have my memories. And the hope that you will stop calling me lazy.

  38. It ain’t rocket science………

    Just put out a full repeal bill for 0bamaCare…..

    Let the Demoncrats filibuster it to death……on television no less…..

    then the Demoncrats will own the making of 0bamaCare and the killing of the Repeal of 0bamaCare….

    wait a little while….most likely this year…..and 0bamaCare will come crashing down….

    and the Demoncrats will own it all…..then NO MORE DEMONCRAT PARTY.

  39. Carpeye D’um said,…..

    “Can anyone point to an article in the Constitution that enumerates these powers to the federal government?
    Then there is this: The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people…just say’in.”

    BINGO !!!

    Seems to me that some people might not be making any money if the insurance industry dries up after a full Obamacare repeal or crash.

    And I think a full repeal is totally viable, otherwise the ‘republicans’ wouldn’t be so willing to ‘negotiate’ for a ‘fix’ while working with the democrats.

    The insurers are worried about losing money and the politicians are worried about losing control over that which the US Constitution affords them no power over – the people.

    Even if there is a full repeal the doctors will still be there, and the good ones will rise to the top like cream while the one’s in it only for the money will be exposed.

  40. Tsunami, I think it falls under that so-called Commerce Clause, you know, where if you think of doing something, the Federal Gov’t can regulate it.

  41. “… forced to redistribute their profits TO. THEIR. COMPETITORS!”

    Then, after repealing the odious ObolaCare, the Republicans should pass whatever legislation is necessary for them (insurance providers forced to redistribute their profits) to recoup the losses from those extortions.
    Wonder why that hasn’t occurred to Ryan, McConnell,
    Most likely because a great portion of the money collected from said extortions ended up in the pockets of politicians.

    Any political abuse can be put right if there is sufficient will (and courage) to do it. My guess is that the GOPe is raking in too much dough (or the potential) for them to attack ObolaCare seriously.

    izlamo delenda est …

  42. If I have insurance or government involved in my health care I have to pay, one way or another, for salaries, perks, or dividends on top of what my doctor would charge. Then, when I’m being examined by my doctor, the insurance agency or government bureaucrat is in charge of what the doc can or can’t do. Some weeks later, I get a bill for services that I did not negotiate. No thanks. I wish health insurance was all but illegal and that government would butt out.

  43. I agree with Tsunami. Just wrote MY congressman, and he responded saying he was for TOTAL repeal of the ACA. My kinda rep.

    I want an excuse to not work GONE.
    I want the Government OUT of Healthcare, and to not run ANY business.

    It’s bad enough they abuse the USPS, and made Social Security a Ponzi Scheme with Medicaid.

  44. Burn that bitch down. And call it what it was. REDISTRIBUTION of wealth. From the middle class to the WON”T WORK takers. It was NEVER insurance. Fuck this shit. Like Obama not calling Islamic terrorist, TERRORIST.

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