LIMBAUGH: We Have Sex Scandals In Politics Because We’ve Turned Elected Officials Into Celebrities


They are celebrity power brokers. And women, as the survey just said here, are attracted to money and power. Try to imagine all of these sex scandals with unassuming people like Calvin Coolidge. Try to imagine a sex scandal with Richard Nixon. You can’t, can you? Well, you can’t, because Nixon was not a celebrity. They didn’t turn him into a celebrity. Nixon was nothing more than a devil. Nixon was not allowed to become a celebrity.

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  1. 🔥 The police department attracts a percentage of people who are interested in abusive authority.

    🔥 Hollywood attracts narcissists who would bang a popcorn machine to get on camera, and many do and worse.

    🔥 Politics attracts people who have no conscience. They know their entire life will be run through the wringer, and yet, the go forward anyway.

    When people with no conscience meet up with narcissists, we suddenly get misty eyes and quivering lips on camera about groping and sexual assaults? C’mon! What percentage are opportunists, and what are true victims?

  2. Half-Assed, you really seem to have a chip on your shoulder over the police. You may have had a bad experience, I don’t know. I know a few policemen and they seem like the kind of guys I like as neighbors. I’ve also been in incidents that a policeman could have easily been out of line but handled things very professionally.

  3. We need term limits, on these career politicians. 1 year for House 2 years Senate 3 years President 75 year old mandatory retirement for all federal judges including Supremes. One can dream right?

  4. Theodore Roosevelt was probably the first celebrity president. My favorite president, Herbert C. Hoover, was definitely not a celebrity. They were both faithful husbands. Kennedy was the start of the modern celebrity presidents, and he was a very unfaithful husband. Ronald Reagan was a celebrity who overcame his fame to become a great president. He was also a very faithful husband. Obama was elected in large part because the country was ready to elect its first American-African president who acted like a celebrity. Reggie isn’t talking yet. Great presidents don’t have to be celebrities or faithful husbands to succeed or fail, they have to be great men. If America really wanted celebrities to run this country, President George Clooney would be governing us with Vice President Angelina Jolie waiting in the wings to become our first female president.

  5. America went to war to get away from the British aristocracy. The modern American have taken their place. They have the same mindset.
    -The deplorables need to be taken care of.
    -The deplorables are too dumb to govern themselves or know what’s good for themselves.
    -The deplorables don’t care what we do to govern them; they pay no attention.
    We rule.

  6. How in the holy hell did fat, ugly and corrupt Rodham Clinton ever achieve so-called celebrity status????????????


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