Linda Sarsour: Muhammad Was A Human Rights Activist

Geller report: Linda Sarsour’s lies keep getting more extreme. If Muhammad was a human rights activist, why is every single country in which Muhammad is revered as a prophet and an “excellent example” a human rights disaster? Why do so many of those who proclaim that they follow Muhammad as closely as they possibly can hate Jews, dehumanize women, and have contempt for non-Muslims? Why is there conflict between Muslims and non-Muslims, started by the Muslims, in every country where both are found? Linda Sarsour is peddling propaganda and fantasy, and the left laps it up eagerly.


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  1. Colt, Browning and Winchester were men of actual vision who gave to the world the gift that the smallest most defenseless person would defend themselves against the most aggressive brute. They are a credit and honor to the human race and may their memories ever be blessed for their contribution to freedom.

    Moe-ham-id was a literal lunatic (as in a Moon worshiping nut job) at best and a zealous servant of Satan at worst (if you believe in that kind of thing, which I personally do) and his “gift” to the world is an ideology that declares war against the human spirit and free agency with a never ending source of meat puppets who would love nothing more than to die in the service of his cause.

    And I am getting sick and tired of likes of Linda claiming it is otherwise.

  2. We let them into the country and they congregate into cities like Minneapolis and Detroit. They build their communities into sufficient numbers that they can elect themselves into congress. They take their oath of office on the Koran and push a sharia agenda, damn the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. And we allow this shit to happen. Islamophobic? Damn right once you see what’s really happening.

  3. There was no such a thing as human rights when Mo was alive back in the dark ages. Human rights is a liberal/progressive construct of the 20th Century. Just more BS spouted by idiots on the left to make pisslam palatable to the gullible masses who think it’s a religion of peace. If it really were about human rights they might actually have grace and mercy and forgiveness like Christianity does. This dimbulb woman is nothing but another useful idiot for the cause of pisslamic barbarism.

  4. I think Sarsour should make and sell blinds, the ones she have do a great job of keeping out the light, i.e. the facts.

  5. As someone who finds “dueling bibles” offensive, in general, you may believe and trust whatever you will. I just believe — and know — about God. ….smile…

    The world is not going to get better with the “dueling bibles” factions. I find hijabs offensive, but not as troublesome as the Christian forced-birthing community.

    None of you, it seems, are connected to the power switch. …Lady in Red

  6. Gee I hope she doesn’t get trapped inside a burning automobile or have a piece of clothing get caught and pulled into an industrial wood chipper. No, I’d hate for that to happen to the possum faced bitch.

  7. I’d also hate for her to be preyed upon by a pack of exceedingly ravenous wolves who were pulling away large slabs of flesh and internal organs before she even succumbed. No, I’d really hate to hear that!

  8. And finally I don’t think I could bear to hear about her being trapped alone by a masochistic sexual psychopath who was uncontrollably aggressive and focused on dissecting her to collect body parts for trophy’s. I really couldn’t bear to hear that.

  9. “Human” rights? As long as you define “white,” “cis-normative,” and “males,” as not “human,” the original author is “right.”

  10. Yeah, and Barack Obama was a “community organizer”. Joe Stalin was everyone’s favorite “Uncle”. Mao was the “soul of China”. Hitler was the “savior of the Fatherland”. Liz Warren is “native American”. The Democrats are for the “working man”. Hillary is the “smartest woman on Earth”.

  11. Well of course he was. It was just that the human rights he was concerned with were just his own in the area of child rape, murder, slavery. forced conversion to Islamic Idolatry, more rape with younger children, making war on peaceful peoples, spreading lies and lots and lots of other rights reserved just for him.

  12. Don’t forget they don’t consider non-muslims as human. That allows them to murder, rape and enslave the infidels. Remember that a harem was were they kept sex slaves.

  13. A mere hundred years ago this wicked bitch would be hanging from a tree in front of the county courthouse. We need to take a path back to sanity and get rid of the progressivism that allows ignorant slimeballs such as Sarsour to infest our country.
    I can only pray that this bitch never breeds.

  14. Maybe what this waste of DNA, skin, oxygen, space, and who knows what else meant was that women are not human, only muslim men are human. If she believes that, SHE IS RIGHT. At least in her own mind, such as it is…………..

  15. Islam was created for 3 purposes; to make Mohammed rich, to get mohammed an army and to get Mohammed laid as much as possible.

  16. It’s all a mystery to me. Why would a woman from a Muslim country be protective of a religion and culture so backwards that it will stone women, and men, to death? So horrible that a young girl recently barricaded herself in a hotel room in Thailand to avoid going back to an abusive Saudi family? Toss queers off buildings? (OK, I do despise them but I wouldn’t throw one off a building either, if for no other reason than the mess it makes on the pavement).

    And she sees American men as so sexist and racist? There is something desperately wrong with her.

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