Linda Tripp – If I Had Leaked to Drudge, Clinton Might Have Been Removed from Presidency

Big Journalism: During a radio interview, Linda Tripp, once the chief cooperating witness to the Independent Counsel probing whether Bill Clinton committed impeachable offenses, said that she deeply regrets not leaking details about various Clinton scandals to Matt Drudge of

She explained that leaking to Drudge may have resulted in a different outcome for the impeachment investigation, which was led by then-Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr, possibly leading to Clinton’s removal from office.

She was speaking on this reporter’s Sunday night talk radio program, “Aaron Klein Investigative Radio,” broadcast on New York’s AM 970 The Answer and NewsTalk 990 AM in Philadelphia.

Tripp stated: “As a cooperating witness, and at that point I was the chief cooperating witness, I didn’t even question abiding by their requirements. That I speak to no one. That I was solely and one hundred percent their witness. Since I believed they had the intention of unearthing all of the scandal and all of the corruption that I had witnessed I was eager and willing to do so.”

She explained that leaking to Drudge may have changed the course of the impeachment probe:

8 Comments on Linda Tripp – If I Had Leaked to Drudge, Clinton Might Have Been Removed from Presidency

  1. No, Linda, the fix was in. You’d have only made them go through a couple more contortions to get the same result. And you’d be in jail waiting in vain for a pardon from W.

  2. Thats what has people so disgusted with the goings on in DC, that pig Clinton has skated past any justice just because of political considerations. He should be rotting in a federal prison along with that wretch Hillary.

  3. any government employee, civil, state or federal who witnesses wrong doing, criminal behavior and or corruption has a moral obligation to expose those corrupt persons to their fellow citizens.

    end of story.

    it should be a crime to not blow the whistle.

    how come we have all these concerned activist who protest such non existent affronts such as a non muslim, muslim ban but can’t get out and support whistle blowers who expose corruption only to be brought down by those in control for doing so ?

  4. My sainted grandmother used to say, “If frogs had wings they wouldn’t bump their asses jumping from lily pad to lily pad.”

    It begs the question, “If we had an open, honest government, most of the conservative bloggers would be posting recipes right now.”

    “If” is a mighty big word.


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