Lindell’s Cyber Symposium Reveals Dominion Erased Three Years Of Election Data In Mesa County, CO – IOTW Report

Lindell’s Cyber Symposium Reveals Dominion Erased Three Years Of Election Data In Mesa County, CO

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Currently at the Cyber Symposium, they are comparing two forensic images of voting machines from Mesa County before and after a Dominion update. 

Prior to the update, there were three years worth of election data stored in SQL databases, along with years worth of log files for all of the system processes. 

After the update, all of the SQL databases were deleted, all of the log files were deleted. Not only were they deleted, but it appears they did a full system image instead of a simple update, as well as repartitioning the drives. This means any deleted data on the updated system is most likely unrecoverable with data recovery tools.  

So already we have evidence of felony election law violations. More

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  1. Looking forward to the Chaos in the 22 erections when most of the states finally realize that electronic voting machines cannot be trusted but there is no other way to vote… And what if the public at large just flat refuses to vote on a electronic voting machine? Fun times coming I do believe.

  2. Are you fuckers going to come up to Toronto and & serve them with some papers or just let Turdeau’s Fuck Wads steal your entire country?

    I live in this shithole 3rd word petro dollar country. We sell a bit of Oil (sometimes), some shiny minerals & rocks, & wood to you guys & ChYnA and buy the shit back after you turn it into something of value. THIS IS A 3rd WORLD COUNTRY that has not yet collapsed and Dominion is Fucking You Senseless! FFS

    INVADE, Coffee & Donuts at My house.
    I already have your Flags!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Jesus Kcir just blow that popsicle stand. We could use a few ex-pat cunucks in east TN if your looking for somewhere to hide from the Royal Mounted Po-Po. heh. /Salute

  4. Anyone who still thinks we need any of these machines are okay with our votes not counting and elections being stolen.

    It’s now proven we need old fashioned hand counts in every precinct, with small precinct 500-1000 people and 3 people counting the ballots and all three signing off on them. Then all ballots should be scanned to a computer that we all can go look at it and count ourselves to make sure their numbers match.

  5. It doesn’t matter what the Cyber Symposium reveals, the Dems know they cheated. The SCOTUS knows they cheated. How does the evidence come to light?

  6. Oldest story in the spy world: the crypto clerk is the spy. Lowest paid, least respected, no glory hardest worker.

    Some coder will turn on his bosses. I expect arkancides among the programmers. In the criminal world they call easily replaceable expendable people Dixie cups. Use once and dispose of. If you are a Dominion coder do not go to the authorities, do not walk down a dark alley, do not go to an emergency meeting…


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