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Lindsey Graham Doesn’t Know What’s in The RESTRICT Act He Cosponsored

Daily Caller

Fox News host Jesse Watters grilled Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina about his co-sponsorship of the RESTRICT Act Wednesday, asking if the senator read the bill he co-sponsored.

“Did the United States Senate just say we are going to protect you from China by spying on you? Let’s try to get some answers out of Sen. Lindsey Graham who supports this and is here now,” Watters said just prior to Graham appearing on the show. “You have got to be kidding me, Senator. Did you read this? More

18 Comments on Lindsey Graham Doesn’t Know What’s in The RESTRICT Act He Cosponsored

  1. Somethings not right. I’ve never seen Lindsey (girls name) not become angry and spitting a sputtering when called out. Somethings off.

  2. It’s not his job to know what’s in it. It’s just his job to vote for whatever it is that he’s told to vote for.

  3. It’s terrible that any GOP senator is supporting this. But the one I am dumbfounded by is Josh Hawley. I thought he knew better.
    I saw a tweet earlier that said they could do a clean bill and just prohibit data collection with any phone app, or perhaps data collection in general. But of course that would interfere with government data collection, and also wouldn’t enable them to add all sorts of other bits that take away our rights.

  4. I’d bet that this bill has some hidden extra benefits for the LBTGQ freaks crowd hidden in it, just because he’s one of the sponsors. Call me cynical but I just may be right.

  5. By the way where is Ms Lindsey?
    In the closet. There’s Kings & then there’s Closet Queens.

  6. Example of not watching the making of laws or sausages.

    In an ideal world, these things would be written by lawmakers, read by lawmakers, single subject, and subject to precommittee hearing Supreme Court review for constitutinal basis.

    None of the infamous “we’ll have to pass it to see what’s in it” nonsense.

  7. At least Graham said he’d read it for himself and come back on Jesse’s show.
    That’s more than most would do.
    The Commerce Sec’y doesn’t need to be given more power to do anything.
    How about they just ban Tik Tok from govt phones and leave everyone else alone?
    I don’t do TT or Twit but if people like seeing stupid brain rot on their phone that’s their choice.

  8. Weighing the degrees of harm to my civil liberties and well-being, either from China or my own Government, we ALL know which one is the bigger threat (ain’t China).

    We all lament the dreadful job our schools (indoctrination caps) do in teaching American history but this shameful willingness by most Americans to cede their freedoms away, to accept the notion that government knows better than they or can better protect them, this abrogation of freedom for security, which is really an illusion at best, say all you need to know about the longevity of our nation.

  9. That’s because congress hasn’t written any legislation in 30 years.
    “Modern legislation is sub-contracted to K-Street. Lobbyists write the laws; congress sells the laws; lobbyists then pay congress commissions for passing their laws. That’s the modern legislative business in DC.”

  10. 2
    “As a result of an empty feeder system, in early 2017 congress had no bills to advance because all of the myriad of bills and briefs written were not in line with President Trump policy. There was simply no entity within DC writing legislation that was in-line with President Trump’s America-First’ economic and foreign policy agenda.”

  11. I hope his constituents remember Lindsey’s performance on this important piece of censorship.

  12. I bet he does know what a cock tastes like

  13. Just another reason for people to further despise politicians.

  14. “The Patriot Act for phones” (stolen)

  15. He’s a stupid fuck, has been for years. :^#

  16. This bill is really dangerous if it becomes law. Now is the time to write your senators and urge them to vote no. It is simple and takes only a few moments of your time. This isthe only way we can defeat it.

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