Lindsey Graham has been ‘cut out’ of DACA talks after his disastrous proposal to White House

BPR:One thing that people can say about Senator Lindsey Graham is that he is consistent.

The South Carolina Republican Senator, a mainstay at the legislative body for decades, attempted to broker a deal with Illinois Senator Dick Durbin that would effectively give away the farm on DACA in exchange for an agreement light on accomplishing White House objectives.

Sen. Graham addressed reporters on Thursday.

“Mitch McConnell’s decided the body will find its own voice,” he said. “They’re not going to be locked down by thinking about what the House might do or what the White House might do. We’re going to move on our own.”

Graham was already facing an uphill battle due to his reputation among conservatives for being one prominent voice in the Gang of 8, a coalition of Republicans and Democrats who pushed for what critics claimed amounted to “amnesty” for illegal aliens.  read more

23 Comments on Lindsey Graham has been ‘cut out’ of DACA talks after his disastrous proposal to White House

  1. Lindsey’s first problem is he never adopted a manly name.

    His second problem is he’s always fancied himself a “statesman”. Outside of the beltway nobody shares his fancy.

  2. Trump is toying with these fools. Both Parties.

    Step one, Establish a deadline and acceptable criteria for deal.

    Step 2,3,4,5,6, Occasionally throw them a bone and then immediately poke them with a sharp stick.

    Desired out come, force Republican leadership to use the Nuclear Option. Eliminate DACA entirely.
    It’s fun watching these 1 dimensional pundits, Levin, Carlson, Cruz, etc, over react anytime Trump starts playing the game with the left. It will be very interesting to watch this to the end.

  3. Miss Lindsey –
    Why don’t you go run for President or something?
    You’re so popular, I’m sure you’ll get like 0.001% of the vote.

  4. @Bad_Brad January 26, 2018 at 1:59 pm

    > force Republican leadership to use the Nuclear Option. Eliminate DACA entirely.

    When those salesmen go into “the office” to get their boss to sign off, how many are going to be able to come back and say “no amnesty”?

  5. TO B_B and Anon

    DACA dies out automatically sometime mid-February, so it’s just a matter of running out the clock, to my understanding.

  6. Anonymous

    Trump said he would give them until March 5th to do something about DACA. And if they couldn’t fix it, he would. DACA is unconstitutional because a President does not have the authority to write that legislation. Obama admitted that. So there’s only one way Trump can manage DACA. An EO that reverses Obamas EO. Bye Bye DACA.

  7. Light in his Loafers Lindsey “Triel” has walked too far over the bridge.
    He is no “Home Town Hero”.
    In the Primary, even the black rocket surgeon outperformed Triel Graham, in his home state.

  8. Bad_Brad – 1000 thumbs up! Laughing at all the RINO pundits who have no clue about Trump’s strategy. People need to stop panicking.

  9. ‘They call him, Flipper, Flipper’, because as he swims the swamp, he flips from one side to the next. He’s flipped so much that he has to have an aide just to tell him which side he’s on at any one moment. Much like his buddy, M(anchurian)C(andidate)Cain.

    When you copy someone else saying you should credit that one.

    I coined “Manchurian candidate” over 9 years ago when he was the most left of the 2 “big Party” liberal/progressives running for president!

    He is not running anymore but he still is the most left of the Senate!

  11. @an ol exJarhead

    Holy Cow! 9 years ago!!! Am I supposed to have remembered that? Did you get a copyright that I stepped upon? Sorry you are butt hurt, especially over something that probably was ‘coined’ long before you used it.

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