Lindsey Graham – I’ve Taken a DNA Test & I’m Betting I’m More Native American Than Elizabeth Warren

Wait’ll you hear what he wants as a wager. Cries of “RACIST” just around the corner.

13 Comments on Lindsey Graham – I’ve Taken a DNA Test & I’m Betting I’m More Native American Than Elizabeth Warren

  1. There is reason for optimism on the national level. Wish I could say the same regarding local Republicans.

    I have been telling local establishment Republicans that they need to always be on the offensive and destroy the Democrat brand at every opportunity.

    We have a local race in which Dino Rossi has benefitted to the tune of ~ 12 percentage point shift that was a direct result of the Kavanaugh hearing debacle. He may well win the race, and although I favor him over the Democrat that is running… he is the epitome of establishment Republican and he is not a fighter and I don’t expect him to ever be one. More or less he is just another card carrying member of the crony capitalist wing of the Republican Party.

    In 2004 Rossi sat back and let the King County Democrat machine steal a gubernatorial election from him after conservatives had contributed money to fight for what is right and all the establishment Republicans was their usual “go along to get along,”
    or I should say “go along to get a bone thrown to us by our Democrat masters” routine.

  2. JDHasty that’s the problem with any group win. Some in the group don’t deserve it and they’re only winners because of the people pulling the weight.

  3. My mom and dad taught me not to make fun of people with a “disadvantage ‘ in life so as i did then i’ll do now–giggle under my breath. 🙂

  4. Cancel ‘The New Adventures of Old Christine’, and lets have the ‘New Adventures of the New Lindsey’ ( Mitch McConnell could guest star).

  5. I love this new Lindsey Graham. I hope he’s here to stay.

    Regarding Fauxahontas, The Onion tweeted this yesterday: Elizabeth Warren Disappointed After DNA Test Shows Zero Trace of Presidential Material.


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