Lindsey Graham wants answers on role of CIA and Obama in Trump-Russia probe


Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina said Sunday he wants answers about the role the CIA and the Obama White House played in the Trump-Russia investigation, including answers on what President Barack Obama himself may have known.

The Judiciary Committee chairman spoke with Fox News host Maria Bartiromo on Sunday Morning Futures about the unanswered questions he has about possible abuse of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. Regarding who he thought was the “mastermind” behind President Trump getting caught up in the investigation, Graham said he believed more than just the Justice Department and FBI needed to be scrutinized, saying he was curious about the role U.S. intelligence agencies played as well.

“You know, I really am very curious about the role that CIA played here,” Graham said.  watch

12 Comments on Lindsey Graham wants answers on role of CIA and Obama in Trump-Russia probe

  1. 10 years ago when the lefty Trey said he’d put GWB’s girl Lerner in jail; I said,”he lies!”! The liberal Trey never brought Lois to court. UNIPARTY!

    Lefty Lindsey lies! He is not going to expose GWB’s boys Brennan + Clapper.

    Think “Dog + pony show.”!

  2. Miss Lindsey the weasel is putting on a performance of outrage now that this conspiracy has been exposed to the general public. He’d have to be as stupid as Biden not to know about what was going on and now he has to pretend he’s solidly behind the president. What a greazy little snake.

  3. Graham “2.Zero” has been going along to get along in the swamp for nearly 20 years and reaching across the aisle every chance he gets. Voted to confirm Holder, Sotomanure, Kagan. This is his usual routine prior to running for re-election.

  4. Lindsey writing a book? Wants us to fund the research? Because I know there aren’t going to be any prosecutions.

  5. Is Lindsay taking tips from Trey Gowdey on how to righteously demand answers and then do jack shit when he gets none? Still waiting for Graham to do something about shit the democrat vermin pulled in the Kavanaugh confirmation.

    Does the GOP know are attention span is a shit load longer than theirs?

  6. A grisly and vivid death for each and every Senator or Congressman that served (himself) for the last 50 years

    wouldn’t satisfy me but would make me smile.

  7. what doesn’t lindsey know?
    lindsey ‘s main man mccain was knee deep in the russian PeePee-gate atrocity, and with that, i don’t trust mccain’s bitch


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