Line at gun shop in Long Island


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  1. JDHasty JUNE 2, 2020 AT 6:09 PM
    “Wait till they fond out about the waiting period”

    Guy: WTF? A WAITING period? I’m so mad, now I wanna SHOOT someone!

    Clerk: Well, you can’t, because you don’t HAVE one. And since I heard you SAY that, now I can’t SELL you one, either…

  2. Next longest line will be the Dye shops.

    Did you notice dana perino and her wyoming trailer park bleach blond job. Her dark rooted black hole soul is radiating through.

  3. The CEO’s of the companies being looted are all coming out and expressing their solidarity with the cause of the looters. lmao

    Forget supporting any city, or company that is being destroyed, unless it is outside the city where conservatives dominate.

    Let them annihilate each other in the cities. The cities are NOT our friends. They are not our allies. They want you dead every bit as much as all those looters.

    Get some popcorn and enjoy the bloodbath on tv.

  4. They could get a firearm on the down low in the alley up the street. And probably some crack to go with it.

  5. If you waited this long to buy a gun, then you must’ve rode to the gun store on the short bus.

  6. Now all they need to do is run 10,000 round thru what ever they purchased so they can get proficient. Unfortunately most of those weapons will get purchased, loaded, and shoved in the night stand.

  7. A millennial neighbor from my NextDoor neighborhood group is organizing a “On Becoming an Anti-Racist” Zoom meeting. So, yeah. I’m highly suspect that this is some well organized brainwashing attempt. Or, it could be a well intended but naive gesture.

    If you don’t attend-you are the labeled a racist?
    I’d like to know how this will be judged and if I should be be worried. I do have an American Flag flying at my house. That’s probably strike one against me.

  8. @AB @MJA With my suspicions of what it’ll be (and how can it NOT include politics) a heavy sigh and my eyes rolling back in my head will be my undoing. So far, there are about 12 interested neighbors.

  9. My buddy’s son is currently stationed in RI and called me a few weeks ago (presumably seeking advice), told me that he was running low on 9 ammo so went to the local gun store in order to obtain the unobtainium…… So since they did’t have any ammo, he purchased a Block 40!!!!! They didn’t have any ammo for that either AND he had a ten day wait… not to mention paid easily a $100 more than the thing is worth…. I am still not sure what advice he was seeking. I told him that I could ship him a case of 9 since I no longer own one (and don’t want any seeds laying around), but since he lives on post was concerned about receiving ammo in the mail!!??!!??
    I have known this kid his entire life and he acts just like his Father…….

  10. Ill, those 12 neighbors are prime candidates for recruitment into the party.

    Now, maybe it’s because I’m on hour 13 of this friggin’ RISE AND FALL OF THE THIRD REICH audiobook. But I’m tellin’ ya’, that lil’ Bavarian corporal was on to something.

    Come up with a snazzy armband and host a few torchlight rallies. Not sure how it all turned out with Hitler as I’m only up to the year 1938 but he looks unstoppable.

  11. Try it with blackface, and take note of the ones who laugh.
    They’re probably your friends.

  12. I’m going to buy a Rebel flag and hang it by the front window to bait them in. Shortly after sunset I’ll get into my snipers nest {a recliner} and patiently wait for my quarry.

  13. The line wouldn’t be nearly as long if they didn’t have to observe proper social distancing…

  14. @illustr8r — Dang. Why don’t I ever get invited to such fun goings-on? If I were you (and we’re both glad I’m not!), the first thing I’d say on Zoom would be, “I’m already an anti-racist. Need any pointers?”

  15. Illustr8r — If your NextDoor “neighbors” are like mine, they treat NextDoor like FaceBook(!) I use it for work referrals, but it’s been taken over by a bunch of Karens who have so little to do all day, they just have to tell everyone about every little thing they experience all day long. Annoying as can be.

  16. @Uncle I know! That’s what I thought too.

    @AA Our NextDoor is pretty quiet. We mostly complain about our broadband service! LOL! There’s a Woman’s Book Club (run away!!!!) and we post wildlife pics our video cameras catch (black bears and bobcats). I use it too for recommendations for house stuff.

    The title of this anti racist meeting sounds very elitist and branded to me.

  17. @illustr8r – we live in a similar bullshit situation but have not gotten any invites, haha, and glad we have not. You might get ‘virtue signaled’ in that zoom, either directly or overtly.

    What I DO SUGGEST is taking down your flag until further notice, we had ours up for and after Memorial Day and decided two nights ago to bring the regular size one and two minis in until further notice.

    IF you live in the wrong area and are surrounded like we are you might want to think about, this can be considered a ‘soft target’ of sorts.

    We are preparing to ‘batten down our hatches’.

    Not sure where that gun shop is but Suffolk County is quite RED and MAGA actually, more than ya think @MJA.


  18. @Ghost Good point.
    I’m out in the country and I know there are a few Trumpsters here- but not everyone is. Our area is starting to get an infusion of Microsofties willing to have a longer commute.

  19. Ghost. I DO SUGGEST you leave your flag up.
    What do you want us to do, have us surrender?
    We do have guns here in Washington.
    Yes I know why you think we need to protect ourselves, and we do and will.
    Everyone over 50 for the most part has hunted or shot guns,and many of the young kids have too.

  20. One more thing Ghost I live on Queen Anne Hill I am less then 15 minutes to down town Seattle if I go slow.
    The flag stays up.

  21. @Geoff C. The Saltine – right now I am monitoring the local police precincts in the Bronx, a few hundreds of yards down the hill from me.

    I suggest you all monitor you local police force communications.

    Flag will remain in, not putting out any white flag, but maybe the No Quarter flag:

    I’m 25 minutes north of Macys. And yes I am prepared as well, I did a review drill with my crew last night.

  22. One day, a governor as fascistic as cuomo is going to have state troopers go door to door confiscating the new guns these people bought.

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