Lion kills employee at North Carolina zoo

Dec. 30 (UPI) — A lion was shot and killed Sunday after escaping a locked space and killing an employee at a North Carolina zoo.

The Conservators Center in Burlington in Caswell County said a worker was killed during a routine cleaning of an animal enclosure at about 11:30 a.m., NBC News reported.

“While a husbandry team led by a professionally trained animal keeper was carrying out a routine enclosure cleaning, one of the lions somehow left a locked space and entered the space the humans were in and quickly killed one person,” the zoo said.


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  1. Sad all the way around. I guess I don’t understand the killing of the animal? Just don’t want a predator that’s tasted human? Sorry for the zookeeper if they were all following safety protocols. My son is just entering this field…maybe he should’ve joined the USMC like his older brother who is stationed in Hawaii

  2. By PETA standards animals are at the top of the hierarchy, well except dogs they euthanize on a regular basis and their support of Planned Parenthood’s killing humans.
    Where’s the PETA protest over the death of this human killing Lion??

    Hypocrisy, thy name is PETA.

  3. All incidents like this come down to human error. With wild animals that can kill humans in an instant, there is no room for error. Pound for pound, they are 10x stronger than humans, or so I have read.

  4. I am torn emotionally about this one. Obviously we’re talking about an enclosed wild animal that probably doesn’t care for confinement. And apparently safety protocols were lax.

    That they killed the animal is upsetting. Maybe they should have killed the zookeeper.

  5. The lion went lion. I hope after all the investigating is done that this doesn’t turn out to be another case of someone not locking the lion in properly because… you know… chicks… mechanical things… like locks.

  6. …one of the lions somehow left a locked space…

    “Somehow”? I’d bet it was a lockable space that wasn’t locked.

    In any case, I thought it was standard practice to feed predators before doint things such as cage cleaning. It is better to hear a burp than a roar.

  7. Nah, this was personal. Lion had to flex up on that zookeeper for some reason. Turf war? Drugs? Or perhaps simple vengeance.

    I’m going with vengeance. So die hard.


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