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Listen to the head of Homeland Security lie to our faces

This is sickening.

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  1. Leftists are the bigoted, thuggish, lying, treasonous, self-aggrandizing, racist, pedophilic thieves of our lives, our liberties, our freedoms, our vote and our country.

  2. Sure, that explains the record numbers of Illegals swarming into the country unvetted and unvacinated with God only know what diseases and intents they have! This Nation will pay dearly for this travesty for decades! No amount of Politically Correct bullshit is going to change the facts!

  3. Well, they did away with their Department of Disinformation, so now they are free to lie at will.

    That looks like a tweet. Where are Twitter’s fact checkers?

  4. You may consider him head of your homeland ‘security’ but I think that’s rather foolish.

  5. The eyebrow belies him.

    And why does it seem like our country is being run by first-generation Americans? Nothing against them, I’m married to one, but come on, man.

  6. Sounds believable to me. Same cork soakers that tell us gas going from $2 to $4 amounts to 10% inflation.

  7. I’m not quite sure which “homeland” they are protecting, or what type of “security” they are providing. It certainly looks like they are promoting the interests of Mexico, Central America and South America and providing security for illegal immigrants.

  8. I just want to go hide away for a while.
    These evil people are being allowed to keep moving on with their plans because of useless gits like Susan Collins, Bitch McConnell, Grahamnesty, etc.

    Now we’re changing churches because they have decided to go all in for the African illegals. They are keeping 50 of them at the church.
    When I confronted them they twisted the Bible where Jesus said, “When I was hungry…..”

    The devil sure has blinded people and tricked them into destroying their own lives and country.

  9. Brachmom, when my oldest son was a Webelo, the Methodist church which sponsored our pack took away our meeting room and gave it to illegals to use. We ended up meeting in the Den leader’s badrment. That was more than a decade ago. It wouldn’t surprise me if the United Methodists have given them the whole church by now.

  10. Holy Shit, why does hearing,
    “People fleeing violence, corruption, poverty, climate change, and other hardships”
    Make feel like I should be fleeing for somewhere else.
    Just add LIARS, CHEATS, and THIEVES, and it’s time to go.

  11. “Webelo”? how culturally insensitive, a slap in the face to all our indigenous brothers and sisters, and those injuns that go both ways.

    If we get honest and fair elections this November I want Congress to impeach Biden 3 times, one more for the twice times they did it to Trump. And there is no charge more worthy, salient, and compelling than his abject failure to secure the southern border.

  12. I’ve said it at least a million times
    “they” aren’t dumb or stupid – they’re pure EVIL

  13. Beachmom
    Our prayers go out to your father, may the Lord’s grace and mercy surround him at this time, and give you strength Beachmom. 🙏🕊️❤️


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