Little Debbie Expiration Date




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  1. And then kkankles names little debbie “the honorary chair of her campaign’s 50 state program”

  2. OMG!!!! I literally have tears streaming down my face from laughter…LOVE that pic of DWS.

    Incidentally the W is for woof.

  3. My take: We’re witnessing Valerie Jarrett/Obama’s obliteration of the Clintons from any future role or power in Democrat politics. Obama does NOT want Hillary to win.

    Klein described the feud between Bill & Obama which surfaced again in 2012 when Bill was brought out to campaign for faltering Obama. Bill wanted control of DNC – source of massive database of donors, vendors & with it control of every democrat in or wanting to run for office as well as media. Obama appeared to agree as counseled by Jarrett, then reneged as she instructed once he won election.

    If Hillary wins, she & Bill will erase Obama. Obamacare will become Hillarycare. Obama flooding US with illegals will be outshone by Hillary’s. But most of all, Bill & Hillary will control all of US business through regulation & Bill will be named Secretary General of UN.

    Conspiracy? Go see Hillary’s America.

    Obama thinks Trump would be a failed president setting up a new Democrat president for 2020 controlled by Obama/Jarrett

  4. Man, this is great!!!!
    I hope they pull the trick where they hold back stuff and expose each DNC chair replacement as they are presented.
    Like Brietbart and Project Veritas does.

  5. My gosh, watching the Machiavellian machinations of the DNC, is like watching a really shitty gangster movie!

  6. Noooooo! She was so perfectly ugly. And a self hating Jew none the less. How can do this to us! I demand a recount!

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