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Little Proof Flossing Prevents Cavities

After questioning the studies demonstrating the benefits of flossing, the departments of Health and Human Services and Agriculture removed the recommendation from the latest edition of the dietary guidelines. The AP looked for research studies comparing brushing to adding flossing and found little evidence that it actually improves results.

I love stories that justify my standards of tooth care.


Still it works great for reattaching buttons.

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  1. Oh, and contrary to the graphic, flossing is NOT fun. It sucks. My teeth never smile like that when I floss.

  2. Only a fool would give any weight to the federal bureaucracy departments of anything, especially those recommending what is and isn’t good for us.

  3. Use a waterpik.

    And if you don’t believe it works got a few days without flossing and then use one of those fluffy floss strings. It will be covered in rotting food and smell like a gorilla’s asshole.

  4. That is a sweet lil toof!

    I don’t floss because some areas of my teeth have such tight spaces, I end up cutting my gums forcing the floss up there. I’m trying to keep as much blood inside me as possible.

  5. I keep dental floss in my survival kits along with a large curved needle in case I have to stitch up a wound.
    You should too, because you damn sure don’t want ME stitching you up without any training. 😉

  6. Israel stopped the use of fluoride in drinking water a couple of years ago. There is no valid proof that fluoride prevents tooth decay.

    It’s an anti-depressant and a neuro-toxin.
    (spell checker is giving me the option of “negro-toxin”, so I’m not sure about the spelling). ??

  7. Never once heard that flossing was for cavities…strictly for gum health and bad breath.
    Fuck the gov anyway!
    MJA try some pick-like brush sticks. Don’t need to try to push them past tight contacts.

  8. I just had an hour of periodontal work today, then a tooth ground down for a crown.

    Flossing is more important than brushing.

    If you don’t have gums, I guess there’s nothing left to brush.

  9. BTW, if you’re over 40, I strongly suggest investing in a phillips diamond clean and air floss. These will set you back a few bills but compared to paying for a root scaling, I’d start with the proper tools.

  10. I don’t believe it. At near 50 I always get comments from hygenists and dentists on how well I take care of my teeth. Yeah, NOW I do. The reason is that I still got several vintage amalgam fillings from the ’70s and plenty of memories of pre-xylocaine shots in the jaw hinge. Ain’t NO WAY I’d have most of these fillings if, as a kid, someone had taught me what floss is, much less how to use it.

    As pointed out above, go one week eating your usual diet, then floss.

    Smell that? So does everyone you talk to or mouth-breath in front of.

    Floss, dammit.

  11. @Eugenia – that’s right. And you can also use it to attach beads to your knitting. Are you on Ravelry?

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