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‘Little to no difference’: Massive mask meta-study undermines remaining COVID mandates

Researchers in “gold standard” collaboration struggle to find benefit from surgical over no masks, or N95 respirators over surgical. Findings buoy warnings by PPE expert that even “perfect rate of capture” by N95s can’t stop COVID transmission.

JTN– An international research collaboration that reviewed several dozen rigorous studies of “physical interventions” against influenza and COVID-19 through last year failed to find even a modest effect on infection or illness rates from masks of all qualities.

Published in the peer-reviewed Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews, run by the British evidence-based medicine charity Cochrane, the study raises new doubts about ongoing mask mandates and public health recommendations worldwide.

The CDC is still recommending masking in areas with “high” transmission levels — fewer than 4% of U.S. counties — as well as indoor masking to protect high-risk contacts in “medium” counties (27%).

Masks are still required in educational institutions in Democratic strongholds such as New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Washington and California, according to the Daily Mail. Boston Public Schools denied its “temporary masking protocol” in early January was a “mandate,” following a public letter against the policy by student Enrique Abud Evereteze. MORE

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  1. The comments show perfect examples of the brainwashed left arguing against it.

    One sane person posted a photo of the warning label on a box of N95s saying it won’t protect you from viruses and a loony left saying something like: “That is old and disproved” “Post something new”

    These people are the worst. I hope they get a shot a month until they are silent and cured forever. They certainly aren’t awake and they are trying to drag everyone to hell with them.

  2. the masks prove who will comply & obey

    look at any valid history book about slavery and you will see the slaves wore masks of some kind

    and where are all the hazmat containers for properly disposing the used masks?

  3. My mega-corporate doctor’s building and commune still requires them, so I can’t take my wife to get her mammogram without we mask up despite the mountain of evidence to the contrary. This is apparently because the collaborative is located in a Democrat owned county that still declares Coof “orange” level alerts, and the collecive of cowards publicly pledged to follow the County soience.

    It seems the longer you do something stupid, the harder it is to admit your inanities, so instead of just NOT doing demonstrably idiodic things anymore that it’s easier to just go on doing them as long as you can blame someone else.

    The older doctors never took this seriously, but the younger doctors are fully in the tank.

    That’s why Obamacare is used primarily to get rid of older doctors.

    Worked like a charm too. Mostly cowards and immigrants afraid to stand alone in their own practices left to turn to now…

  4. Seeing masks and false test results have been the key to the psyop success. You can’t let the sheeple forget to be afraid and dependent.

  5. A friend flying from LAX to FL last week told me 50% in LA had masks on in the airport but in FL no one was wearing masks. Another acquaintance that has been to SF recently told me 50% wore masks on buses (she is a NPR listener and thought that made sense in crowded places). Here in TX like FL the only people wearing masks look insane and are few in number. It is clearly an ideological cult at this point and no amount of reality is changing that for those in its grip.

  6. I spent last week visiting someone in a hospital every day. Most people were not wearing masks. There were no signs on the exterior doors stating any mask requirements. I saw one sign on a wall dated 2021 which mentioned masks. About half of the people were not wearing masks, including patients, visitors, doctors and staff. Of those were still wearing masks, many had their noses exposed. I spent over 60 hours total in that hospital and didn’t contract ANY virus.

  7. Jethro
    FEBRUARY 1, 2023 AT 9:44 AM

    “I spent last week visiting someone in a hospital every day.

    I spent over 60 hours total in that hospital and didn’t contract ANY virus.”

    …masks and Coof aside, that’s pretty amazing in its own right because hospitals are GREAT places to get sick from all sorts of staph infections and general air and surface bourne illnesses just from the nature of the institution and some modern issues with the cleaning staff.

    You must have a wonderful immune system, provided by God, no Pfizer required.

    And prayers for the freind you were visiting. May the Lord speed them full and complete health and healing.

  8. Donald J Trump aka Mr Fast Track says get your vax shot today & to make sure to keep up with the booster program. Wearing a mask gives even more protection. Immune this.

  9. SNS: I transported a friend to the hospital twice, who had covid in January Sat in the waiting area for 9 hours. Was let into her room that had a n95 mask requirement posted on the door with just a standard mask. No one said anything to me. Later they couldn’t find a taxi that would transport her home because she had covid. So I came back and took her home and made supper for her. I never got the “deadly virus”. I question why they sent her home with no isolation mandates being she had tested positive.

  10. Deplorable Second Class
    FEBRUARY 1, 2023 AT 11:30 AM

    …I think most…not ALL, but MOST…medical professionals KNOW Coof is a farce but their Government and corporate payments REQUIRE they support the narrative, so they go along to get along but aren’t really taking it seriously, and so wink at you for it as well.

    I’ve supposedly been around a ton of Coof but never got sick, but that may be because its nonsense or may be because the TEST is nonsense. I have a supercharged immune system because of what I do and where I do it, so I don’t get sick from most things anyway, but I don’t take tests with so many false positives its ridiculous, so maybe I’ve had a disease they have to TELL you you have, or maybe not, who knows.

    God bless you for helping your friend. More people need friends like you, especially now when people no longer have any sense of humanity, decency, or duty.


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