Live Blog – Trump On SNL – IOTW Report

Live Blog – Trump On SNL

For anyone watching (and I will be in order to make the viewership yuge) you can put your thoughts in the comments as they happen.

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  1. Waaa! It won’t be on for a few more hours here in the Seattle Sector Gulag. We’ve got it dvr’d because my cats get up at 4 a.m. 🙁

    Enjoy it, youse guys!!

  2. Ohhh I dunno. MSNBC, The La Leche League, and that one guy who pushes the corn cobs and gym socks cart down La Cienega blvd said I shouldn’t.

  3. It’s pretty bad when that drunk uncle bit was actually funny. Sad that I actually watched some of that after dumping it for so long.

  4. I’m sure when they heard trump would be on they decided to phone it in. I mean
    Why make people like the guy. That’s my theory.

  5. There was skit with Trump in a band playing “laser harp” complaining he never gets a chance to “shine.”
    He does a solo and clears the room.
    Not funny.
    I’m not voting for him (lolol)

  6. Heck three drunk grandmas sitting around for a couple of hours could come up with better material than what was on SNL for the past 20 years.

    Too bad they didn’t resurrect the coneheads with donald wearing a wig shaped like a conehead or resurrect the christmas tree lot would have been quit funny.

  7. Wasn’t funny? Who’s to say that wasn’t the plan all along?! Isn’t it the anointed left’s job to skewer the right? If that is true, then they did a bang up job!

  8. You know, I never owned a teevee in my entire life. Most of the time I’m quite pleased with my tubeless life. But tonight is one of those rare moments when I would like to be a viewer.

  9. At least I waited until this afternoon and watched DVR – with fast forwarding, it was much better than having to watch in real time. Immediately deleted from DVR storage.

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