Live on TV: LAPD arrests armed business owners trying to prevent looting

There was no mistaking who were the business owners and who were the looters. The business owners and the FOX reporter, Christina Gonzalez, were trying to flag the LAPD down to get the looters away from the store. But then ...

h/t Chalupa.

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  1. Not that unusual. The people with the guns are always the bad guys, right? A real problem for me.

  2. This looked like a case of Keystone Cops. Yet another reason to scream INSTITUTIONAL RACISM.
    I’m so sick of hearing that. KellyAnn Conway even stooped to that level today.

    Anyone wants to debate “institutional” I’ll happily debate the institutional corruption in the DOJ/FBI for starters.

  3. Another example of business owners willing to do the job the police are ordered not to do, and the city leadership also taking the extra step of ordering the police to remove the business owners’ ability to do it. By ordering the confiscation of firearms from private citizens when they are most needed. The 2nd amendment was redacted out of their oath of office.

  4. “The people with the guns are always the bad guys, right?”

    If you look closely enough you’ll see the police are carrying guns.

    So we know who the bad guys really are.

  5. Did the business owners get their legally-bought, legally-owned firearms back from the LAPD? Or are they going to have to borrow baseball bats and tire irons to defend themselves?

  6. The LAPD is still butt hurt after the Korean business owners who protected their own businesses back in 1992 thereby making the police department look like a bunch of worthless fools.

  7. RadioMattM – I lived there at the time. I remember the news wench saying stuff like, “Oh that’s dangerous, is it really necessary?” and “That’s a little much.” and another cosmetically enhanced robot chiming in, “Uncalled for”.

    They never change.

  8. So glad we saw what was coming and left the SoCal pesthole long ago, when Santa Ana was first turning into little tijuana.
    It was great while it lasted.

  9. How long will it be before desperate business owners who
    are trying to survive and keep their families and dreams alive, see that the police who are arresting them are on the other side? That once they haul them off, the looters are given free rein to destroy their lives; by the police?

  10. @ Anonymous June 2, 2020 at 7:08 pm

    How long will it be before decent, God fearing people turn those shotguns and rifles on the disgusting pigshit that would arrest them for trying to protect their lives and livelihood(s)….. Wouldn’t take me long.


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