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  1. On Greta while Trump phoned in, I saw glimpses of the “protesters” some of whom had black masks on. This was well organized and I will bet my house that they were bussed in. Then the BLM scum blocked traffic in a move that they must have been taught. Kudos for the Trump supporters for not engaging – ‘cos we know who would win that match up.

    Again, I will double down…Obama wants a race war, before November. That way his Tin Pot-ness can declare marshal law and suspend elections. Tell me I’m wrong.

  2. What is sad is that #NeverTrump is in defacto alliance with #BLM #LaRaza #Green Party #YouNameit.

    They can deny it, but it’s a fact.
    They are actually stoking the “Trump is a racist” meme.
    Tonight, all #NeverTrump is concerned with is trying to figure out if the riots hurt or help them.
    Once that’s figured out they will respond.

  3. This just guaranteed DJT many, many, many more votes.

    Americans are done being held hostage by ghetto lowlifes.

  4. Riot? I don’t see anything burning. How many people have been hospitalized? Looks like the cops chillin on their ponies while people mill around on a Friday night.
    And BFH, the 20 or 30 people involved in the #nevertrump scam don’t deserve even 1/100th the attention they are getting. Especially as some of it can be tracked back to Trump supporters.

  5. I don’t think he should have cancelled…let it burn…I know Ben Shapiro has been speaking against Trump but his speech in California last week regarding Progressives turning to violence and cancelling events where they don’t like the facts/discussion is completely relevant. Facts are politics free.

  6. I bet the irony is lost on these professional haters. Who poses more of a danger to the public? Trump supporters or those who protest him? When the Tea Party held PEACEFUL demonstrations, the press wet themselves. When losers riot and keep a candidate from rallying his base, they celebrate. This wont end well.

  7. It will be interesting if Trump calls them out….? He’s capable of it.
    Unlike most of the PC crowd — and those intimidated by the PC crowd.
    ….Lady in Red

  8. Agreed BFH. I’m disgusted with a lot of people I admired since #NeverTrump started.

    Complete ridiculousness.

  9. We have tickets to hear Trump in Cleveland tomorrow. Cleveland has it’s own, majority white, BLM asshats. Hoping law enforcement is allowed to do their jobs. The IX Center where Trump is speaking used to be a tank factory. The M41 Walker Bulldog, M56 Scorpion, M114, the MOG Howitzer, and the M551 Sheridan were built at the facility. Wish I had one of those in case protesters try to shut this event down.

  10. I saw a lot of Bernie protesters in the crowd. Seattle must have shipped off its anarchists for the night.

  11. In the second video, the security staff should have slammed that uppity negro’s face into the podium..maybe knock some sense into him.. just sayin’

  12. Do Trump rallies really fire up supporters to inscite violence? What are these Fox commentators saying? The freak show isn’t culpable at all?

    I have to turn this off before my blood pressure pops.

  13. Well Fur, that is indeed surprising since JohnS thinks
    simple nudity = porn.

    I missed that. Is that true?

  14. BFH; What that is happening there constitutes a riot, in your opinion? Vegas is more crowded and active tonight than that place.
    Loco; nobody cares that you think carrying naked pictures of your self everywhere you go is a big deal. Get over it. Yes nudity can be pornography, or not. look up the definition of the word.
    I apologized before, and apologize again for making a comment that hit you close to home. I was not even thinking of you when I made it.

  15. The rally was canceled due to RIOT.

    Maybe the media should have consulted you before they called it a riot.
    If, by the time you tuned in, the rioting had subsided it doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

    If you’re going to say “I didn’t see a riot, therefore the riot couldn’t be “live,” then everyone is getting a glimpse at some “live” dipshitty hairsplitting crap a lawyer politician would pull.

  16. I missed the oscars…thanks for the update….I still don’t know who was underrepresented in the balloting….where’s Chris Rock?… was Oprah wearing a mu mu…

  17. After listening to Cruz comments I have no doubt the RINOs and their coordinated media flunkies were party to this debacle.

    Their unified message was very clear “this is Trumps fault and if you vote for Cruz this won’t happen”. This is an orchestrated effort to sour Trump supporters and really the most devious threat I have ever seen by the republican thive scumbags.

    Commie tactics used to electrify the public via threats of chaos and violence. I despise the Bush criminal family.

  18. BFH; I am not lacking any of that information.
    I asked a simple question.
    What occurred there that YOU consider a riot.
    I understand that Trump and his media used the word, but that does not make it so.
    Legally a riot only requires 3, or in some cases 2 people committing violent acts. However, at that level you are talking about any urban area on a Friday night.

  19. @Anonymous

    “This just guaranteed DJT many, many, many more votes.

    Americans are done being held hostage by ghetto lowlifes.”

    Yes, think about it: You have a choice between voting for “Make America Great” or “F*ck The Police”/”Black Lives Matter”/”Occupy”. Hmmm. Decisions, decisions. I’ll go with door number 1, Monty.

  20. Fur, it was from one of your posts a couple of weeks ago.
    A woman had what turned out to be a “semi-nude” photo of herself on HER OWN PHONE for her husband’s eyes only.

    Some punk student stole her phone and took a snapshot of her picture on HER PHONE and passed it around.
    She was forced out, which I call fired.

    JohnS who lives in the San Fran area ( so he should be extremely familiar with ACTUAL DEPRAVITY ) was appalled at this teacher and said she belonged in eternal hell for such poor judgement.

    He called it pornography.
    Pornography? WTF?
    I righteously blasted JohnS’s arguments to eternal damnation.

    The thing is, I sometimes thumb-up JohnS and agree with him.
    Not for this post, he was Ted Kennedy Dead Wrong.

  21. Well now,
    The Barnacles in the GOP establishment are allied with the Liberal Brownshirts and the commies, the cartels and the professional grievance industry as well as the anarchist blacks.
    They all hate Trump
    What they have in common defines them.
    Trump is to these goobers what the Founding Fathers were to the Crowned Heads of Europe: brash, uncouth, unrefined, reaching above his station, defiant of the rules of society, not of the proper breeding, inappropriate, uncontrollable, unrepentant for these sins, and as an acerbic to all that, he’s disturbingly successful and therefor has probably made a deal with the Devil.

  22. Looks like George Soros, move, black lives matter, and others joined The Weekly Standard, National Review, Jonah Goldberg, George Will and others to STOP TRUMP.

  23. President Lazlo would make this not only a teachable moment, but our country would recoup valuable monies spent on policing this kind of crap.
    First I would show up in Water Cannon One at the head of the Presidential motorcade.
    Then live stream the dashcam video to the White House website.
    For a fee, citizens can log on to the Protester-Cam interactive page and vote for which Protester gets a bath!
    Good clean fun for the whole family!
    In an election year Primary candidates get to operate their own water cannons and thus help pay for their campaigns

  24. loco; you saw different pictures from her phone than I did.
    Or, maybe not.
    Obviously this is an important issue to you, that is why I have tried to step aside many times.
    I honestly did not know that this was a sensitive issue for you.
    Crap, I don’t even know who you are.
    Relax, put the salt on the tequila glass rather than the salty stuff on the cracker.

  25. Silly conservatives, Chicago is no place for common sense. This place is a Boeing 747 pointed straight down full throttle doing mach 1.8. Pulling back on the stick does nothing but cause flutter and starts to rip the place apart. The only hope is quick sudden death of the entire area.

  26. Actually JohnS, HotAir had a post about the incident a day or two later.
    They stated that it was a “semi-nude” photo of the teacher.
    Not even a full frontal.
    Plus there was a petition to reinstate the teacher that had over 10,000 signatures.

    I blasted you pretty good but you kept coming back.
    I will give you credit for that because I fire both barrels when I get pissed.
    My main point was that she was an innocent victim.
    That riled me up.
    That plus personal property theft didn’t seem to factor into your damning this poor teacher.
    If my girlfriend comes home after being assaulted I certainly wouldn’t blame her.
    You, blamed the victim after she was assaulted.

  27. Move On’s Faceass Page

    Tha last set of riots they organized they failed to pay the suckers who did their dirty work. According to several protesters at the time (Ferguson, MO) they were promised $15 an hour and got nothing. They weren’t even provided the bus transport back to their vehicles.

    Useful idiots are everywhere.

  28. One of the new posts at CTH is a write-up first hand account of someone who was in their seat for an hour and a half before the announce of cancellation. The person described the horrendous actions of the protesters that were inside.

    A person from Africa commented the following:

    “Nevyn says:
    March 11, 2016 at 11:32 pm

    This is exactly how the communists do things here in Africa, you are turning a third world communist hell hole so fast it’s scary. I see similarities between your country and mine all the time, we just much further along than you are but you are catching up fast.”

  29. Plain Jane, it sounds like a Cruz is giving a late news conference. I guess this is where the TV avangelist confirms the 1st amendment only exists for him. He’s showing his true colors.

  30. I said he reminded me of a TV evangelist and I got whipped by his worshippers back about a month ago. Glad I didn’t get stoned also. That might be soon though. LOL

  31. Rubio is on FOX right now and he’s almost, almost taking the high road. Cruz won’t. The TV avangelist is 1/2 a step away from including snakes in his epic comand of the pregnant pause.

  32. Yep, Cruz is on now. It’s all Trumps fault. No speech for you. Cruz is the speech Nazi. man I Hope this guy gets his ass kicked on Tuesday.

  33. After his vile and disgusting attempt to blame Trump for the riot in Chicago, instead of the Soros/Sanders, BLM, FTP, etc. communist leftist organized enemies of America, I hope the Cruzbots will finally wake up to REALITY!

    The man basically said free-speech doesn’t apply to Trump and any who support him, and he got what he deserved. WTF?

    Friends, Cruz basically blamed the rape victim because her dress was too short. What will it take for us to understand that Trump is the ONLY candidate the might change things? I’m serious, just how many will have to die?

  34. Donald Trump says that he is a Christian. But he left his wife and married his mistress, then left her and married another mistress. And … he says he doesn’t need to ask for forgiveness from God.

    You’re being hoodwinked if you believe Trump is a Christian.
    Christian in name only.

    I’m getting sick of all the Cruz bashing.

  35. So somehow this riot at a Trump rally is a slam against Cruz. That a claim is made that he blamed the victim for the riot. Yeah a guy who condones and endorses violence at his past rallies bears absolutely no responsibility when violence erupts at his rally.

    Is this like blaming Michelle Fields for being assaulted by Corey Lewandrowski ? Funny how things are being twisted these days.

    Just accept the fact that Trump took no precautions in an area where he had to know there would be confrontation with leftists. Granted he couldn’t have predicted it all, but don’t blame other candidates for the poor planning of Trump.

    But reading this thread tonight just re-enforces the concern of how there will be little if any civil discourse later if anyone even questions the results of a President Trump.

  36. Bad Brad, I’m not a very good example of a Christian and I’m not better than anybody here.

    Facts are facts. People have to be held accountable. And it seems to be perfectly alright to judge Ted Cruz, but watch your ass if you say anything bad about Trump.

    I saw his Nazi salute video tonight. Made me sick. “How many people like me? Lets make a pledge.” That’s how Adolf started out.


  37. Unruly, I hate Trumps arrogance. I hate a Trumps controversial comments for press time, I really hate Trumps hair. What kind of dead animal is that anyway? But the facts are only Trump can seal the border and fix the economy. And listen to Cruz, he’s a lying opportunist piece of crap. Follow Cruz’s money. Follow Trumps money. Cruz is not experienced enough or smart enough to fix the trade deals. I’m all about the economy. Therefore I’m all about Trump

  38. 3:30 a.m. and I still can’t sleep.

    Brad, I don’t know shit about trade deals, I’m a barter guy, and Cruz might not be smart enough in that area but he is a lot smarter than Trump in some other areas – the constitution for one. They both have strong and weak points.

    I’m all about keeping the 1st and 2nd amendments, and all the others. And stopping the flow of moslems into America. And I think that Cruz is more anti-jihad than Trump.

    When Cruz first hit the scene and everybody was cheering for him, I said that I wasn’t going to root for another politician after being disappointed so many times. Every one of them = broken promises. Then I started to see what everybody else was seeing in him. And now, if that was all bullshit, I am going to be so sick that every reader here had better don a raincoat when I start vomiting.

    I’m not so sure about Trump sealing the border, I won’t believe it until I see it happen, but he’s probably got Cruz beat there. And on the economy too. But I can’t see Cruz as being bad for the economy, I’m sure it would improve greatly under him too. Trump is going to be better at getting people to work and creating jobs. I can see where he would be great for business.

    But I am not convinced that he is going to do what he says he is going to do, aside from the economy.

    His not being able to name one single bible verse after bragging about being a Christian and owning lots and lots of bibles is a very big red flag for me, as far as trust goes. It’s hard for me to trust somebody like that. Every Christian I know has at least one favorite bible verse. He should read the bible and pick one so he doesn’t look like a dumbass when he goes on a Christian media program and gets asked a question that any 8-year-old Christian could answer. lol. He could become a very good Christian, a role model for others, if he tried.
    And I give him credit for already donating thousands of dollars to the BGEA and Samaritan’s Purse, and others. He is not a bad man. Just has to be either a liar or stupid when it comes to Christianity. That’s an important point with me.

    At the very least, I’m going to vote anti-communist. So Trump or Cruz, which ever one has a good lead in the general. I won’t know which one is more full of shit until that time comes. Can hardly wait.

  39. IMHO, the NAZI comparisons are over the edge. Besides, 0bama owns the cult of personality thing .

    Democrats are bad for America and have been slowly destroying from within.

  40. Mr Refugee…. Just pay attention to both Cruz and Trump. Get past the “yuge” and the “amazing” and the hair/dead animal on top…. This is not as hard as it seems. …smile… …..Lady in Red

  41. @Lady in Red ,
    Been watching both of them. The hair does not bother me. Said i would vote for either one, and some low IQ faggot that goes by “Anonymous” calls ME a troll. lol.

    I liked it a lot better when we used to settle that kind of shit in the ring.

  42. I don’t agree with the statement Cruz made. One of the few things that I like about Trump is that he asks his audience to get involved when those sphincter maggots start bleating.
    That said, his refusal to come on stage amounted to tacit approval of what was going on. Weakness is a provocation, and if he actually wrote those books he sells he is well aware of that fact.
    Trump gave them a huge win here, and that will spur them on to even more outrageous actions later.
    I understand why he did it, he gets a lot more support this way.
    One important thing, following the money back on this leads us to a long time friend of Trump by the name of George Soros. This was an expensive endeavor and planned well in advance.
    Trump’s poll numbers have been falling, and George has helped Donald out of a few scrapes in the past.
    Finally, you guys need to get off this bit of Trump ‘sealing’ the border. He clarified that he is NOT going to close the areas where most of the illegals cross. He is going to seal 1/2 of the border.

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